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Ultra Human Hypnosis by Vulcan Jedi (2014)

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Ultra Human Hypnosis by Vulcan Jedi (2014) This looks as if I had created it, but I have not. Don't ask me how I've found this. It's pretty amazing. Does the hypnosis audio file work? Well, I don't know, but the concept is pretty interesting, and certainly worth a try. The hypnotic voice sounds somewhat strange and mechanic, but the author explains in the text why this is the case. According to the author, there are't any subliminals in there, which may or may not be true. Using superheroes as role models and as archetypes for transhuman psychic powers is certainly a very interesting concept within the context of hypnotic suggestions and mental audio programming. What Gods used to be for people of ancient times, are the superheroes of today's youth culture. The psychological impact of both belief systems seem to be very similar. Whether we're dealing with angelic or demonic powers here is another question, though. Files: 0. Content 1. Content.pdf 1. Main 1. Artwork 1. Ultra Human Hypnosis Cover Art.jpg 2. Audio 1. Ultra Human Hypnosis MP3.mp3 3. PDF 1. Why Ultra Human Hypnosis Was Created.pdf 2. Ultra Human Hypnosis Script.pdf 2. Supplemental 1. Ascension 1. (Fayemi, L.) 10 Common Signs of Spiritual Awakening.pdf 2. (Bishop, K.) 52 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening.pdf 3. (Anon., A.) Ascension Stimulus Package.pdf 2. Superheroes 1. Article 1. (MacDonald, R.) 10 Most Powerful Superheroes of All Time.pdf 2. Books 1. (Gresh, L.) Science of Superheroes.pdf 2. (Kakalios, J.) Physics of Superheroes.pdf 3. (Robb, B. J.) Brief History of Superheroes.pdf 4.1 (Walker, T. W.) How to Turn Fear Into Confidence.epub 4.2 (Walker, T. W.) How to Turn Fear Into Confidence.pdf tags: hypnosis, script, audio, ascension, superheroes, psychic, transhuman, posthuman, mind control
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