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Ted Gunderson Satanic Drug Cult Network and Missing Children

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Ted Gunderson Satanic Drug Cult Network and Missing Children I first became involved in investigating satanic cults in October 1980, when P. E. Beasley, a retired Fayetteville, North Carolina police officer, and I obtained a signed confession from Helena Stoeckley who stated that she and members of her satanic cult had murdered Dr. Jeffrey R. MacDonald's wife and their two children at Fort Bragg, North Carolina on February 17,1970. The murders were Stoeckley's initiation into the group. Stoeckley advised that Dr. MacDonald was the victim of an Army drug frame. During the late 1960s and early 1970s drugs were flown into United States Army bases from Vietnam in plastic bags concealed in the body cavities of dead GIs (see Time magazine article January 1, 1973 and summary of the MacDonald case, which are included in this report). Dr. MacDonald was convicted and is serving three consecutive life sentences for these murders. He recently lost an appeal which was based on the concealment of evidence by the government during the 1979 trial. As an outgrowth of the MacDonald investigation I became involved with a civilian network in investigating satanic cults. We have developed extensive information which establishes that a loose-knit satanic cult/drug network is active in the United States. Members of this network finance their operation through the sale of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, amphetamines and barbiturates, as well as prostitution, pornography, snuff films and other illegal activity. The drugs are normally sold by street gangs. This network kidnaps and sacrifices children and others to Satan. W e have information concerning numerous homicides and human sacrifices committed by this group. Some of the victims were working in our mini-civilian task force at the time of their deaths. We have interviewed numerous adult survivors. (An adult survivor is usually a person who was born into the movement, survives, and later disassociates himself or herself from the group, going into hiding to avoid being murdered.) The survivors came from different areas of the country, and none have been in contact with or know each other. Each of the survivors I have interviewed furnished me with similar details concerning ceremonies they witnessed in which humans and animals were sacrificed. Often, the victims were infants or young children. Under torture, the body's production of endorphins increases dramatically, raising the level of adrenalin and other body chemicals. Occultists torture their victims to death and cannibalize their bodies just before death in order to ingest these chemicals, which they believe gives them power. Similarly, some satanists eat their victims' brains because they believe the victim's intelligence will thus pass into their own brain. Members of the cult network are operating child day schools throughout the country. Children from different states who have never met are telling authorities similar stories concerning their experiences in these schools. There has been successful prosecution in North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada and California of pre-school owners and operators. A psychiatrist in Los Angeles interviewed children from eight different day schools. All these children told similar stories about witnessing rituals satanic in nature, as well as extensive sexual child abuse by teachers and others. One adult survivor told me that when she was a young girl, her father made her hold a knife to the chest of a live infant. He then placed his own hand over hers and plunged the knife into the heart of the victim. The occultists often force preschool children to participate in human sacrifices and then tell them they and their parent or parents will be murdered if the children reveal any secrets or talk about these activities. PDF: Gunderson Report Corruption Satanic Drug Cult Network and Missing Children 1.pdf Gunderson Report Corruption Satanic Drug Cult Network and Missing Children 2.pdf Gunderson Report Corruption Satanic Drug Cult Network and Missing Children 3.pdf Gunderson Report Corruption Satanic Drug Cult Network and Missing Children 4.pdf PDF2: Documentation New World Order.pdf Drug Smuggling Army and CIA Involvement in the USA.pdf Finders Missing Children.pdf Law Enforcement Reaction to Satanic Cult Problem.pdf MKULTRA CIA Mind Control Research and Documentation.pdf Nixon Darkest Secret.pdf Project MKULTRA CIA Program of Research into Behavioral Modification.pdf Ted Gunderson Report.pdf Terrorist Activities Prior Knowledge Furnished to the FBI Six Months in Advance of 9-11 part 1.pdf Testimony by Noreen Gosch.pdf The Dr Jeffrey R MacDonald Investigation.pdf The Egyptian Masonic Satanic Connection.pdf The Gunderson Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building Oklahoma City.pdf The Illuminati and the New World Order.pdf The McMartin Scientific Report.pdf US Government Experiments on Citizens.pdf tags: CIA, Gunderson, children, mkultra, drugs, conspiracy, satanic, cult, pedophiles, mind control
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