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Tax Havens World Map - Where the Elites Reside

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Tax Havens World Map - Where the Elites Reside

If you want to know where the elites are dwelling then you have to know where their money is. Their money is where the tax havens are. In times of crisis the elites expect to no longer getting access to their bank accounts over online banking and therefore they have to be located where their accounts are located. Follow the money trail and you'll find the big cheese.

Or maybe it was the other way round: The elites went to those places where they wanted to live and then with the help of their money power they've made special arrangements with local governments and thus created those ominous tax havens.

Tax havens for the hard working middle class are OK though to prevent the criminal governments from stealing your hard earned money to finance their criminal wars. Money stolen from the peoples by the super rich should not be protected by tax havens though. Be aware that tax havens may also be looked at as a form of privacy, a privacy our Orwellian governments want to undermine so eagerly.

Please take note of the many tax havens never being mentioned by the corporate controlled media. Why are they never mentioned?

Switzerland has been set up as the scape goat so that the City of London may absorb all the lucrative business from the Swiss and to create the illusion in the public mind that something is being done against tax evasion by the super rich. In truth nothing ever changes for the super rich.

This deceptive war on tax havens is in truth a war on the middle class and small business in favor of the big multinational corporations and the super wealthy. The super rich are consolidating their power structure in preparation for their new world order while making it appear as a war for more decency and honesty.

The City of London is for money what the Vatican is for religion: A power center for the illuminati. And now they want it all. It is probably fair to assume that most of the many small tax havens are being run by the City of London.

The Rothschilds are said to own a wealth of around 500 trillion (not billion!) dollars - not in cash of course. Do you really believe they have to pay property taxes on that amount of money? Forget it.

Did you know that Israel is on the list of tax havens? To the average Israeli guy Israel is a taxation nightmare though.