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SVALI Interviews with an Ex Illuminati Programmer [pack]

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SVALI Interviews with an Ex Illuminati Programmer [pack]

Svali, who is - was a former mind control programmer and trainer for the Illuminati. She was groomed from birth to have a key role in the Illuminati and back in the 80's was forced against her will to marry another generational Illuminati member. They had two children from this marriage and they also were raised and tortured by the cult until Svali fled the cult in the early 1990's. She was severely warned by the cult to keep quiet about her past. She had been writing and speaking out against the cult and their activities ever since she got free from the cult. There is no known verifiable evidence of her being alive and all traces of her have completely disappeared. Her story lives on through the pages of this blog.

Svali: One percent of the US population are working for the illuminati.

Brief overview of what to expect:

Born into the illuminati, Vatican child sacrifices, Kiss the Golden Ring, The Bloodlines, How the Illuminati structure works, How they actually make their money, ties to the mafia, Illuminati locations from Pittsburgh, PA to San Diego, CA to Alexandria, VA and many more key power bases across the world. Detailed description of how they program children at an early age. Security that comes with the Illuminati. Many careers to the Illuminati members, cross training and meetings. What Svali did as a member. Wealthy Illuminati families of the world. How they install loyalty within each member. How children are taught weapons training and self defense at a very early age. How television programs the masses (be very careful of what TV shows you watch). Christmas time in the Illuminati. As of late most members to want out of the Illuminati. How marriage arrangements work. What happens when a member tries to leave. Illuminati creating most religions and the churches on earth. Most people unaware of how deep the Illuminati runs in their own life. How Svali got out of the Illuminati. 9/11. Police State. The financial collapse of the US and the world. Events that setting up The Revealing. Crash of the stock market as the precursor. Talk of the city of Atlantis. History of Atlantis. Supernatural realms and spiritual warfare. Time travel. David Wilcock calls in and asks question. Occult teachings in the mass media. Harry Potter movie. Saturday morning cartoons for children as mind programming. The Matrix. And much much more


SATANIC PANIC – Svali Speaks (2003)

Satanic Panic: Do Satan's servants walk among us, or is it just a fundamentalist plot? According to some Evangelical Christians, his minions are already here – and they're creating havoc in everything from rock music and education to art and Government. Peter Gilmore, of the Church of Satan, 'Svali', a former satanic cult member, Satanist Gavin Baddeley and Reverend Fletcher Brothers sit down to discuss these beliefs. This is the only known video interview in person of Svali. It was produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation in the UK and was shown on BBC-Choice in 2001 and in 2003 by TECH-TV.

audio-books (Mac computer voice):

Svali Speaks Breaking the Chain
Svali - How the Cult Programs People
Svali - Interview With an Ex Illuminati Programmer
Svali An Ex Illuminati Programmer Trainer
SVALI Illuminati Defector
Svali Interview

radio interviews:

Ex-Illuminati Interviewed by Henry Makow
Greg Szymanski with Svali