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State-Sponsored Terrorism, Crimes, and Lies - Collection 11 (China)

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State-Sponsored Terrorism, Crimes, and Lies - Collection 11 (China):

China is the land of contradictions; it is a capitalistic society, but, without democracy. It has a ruthless authoritarian government. Many of us probably still have vivid memories of the tanks rolling over the bodies of the demonstrators at Tiananmen Square in 1989. It has a bad human rights record for the horrendous conditions of its working labor, and for its abuses against the Tibetans and the Uighur Muslim minority. It has also a record of supporting dictatorial regimes in other countries; such as, in Syria and North Korea.

We have 30 titles in this upload:

- Ashiwa & Wank (Eds.) - Making Religion, Making the State; the Politics of Religion in Modern China (2009)

- Chan - Marketing Death; Culture and the Making of a Life Insurance Market in China (2012)

- Chang - Factory Girls; from Village to City in a Changing China (2008)

- Chang - Return of the Dragon; China's Wounded Nationalism (2001)

- Dikotter - Mao’s Great Famine; the History of China’s Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-1962 (2010)

- HRW - China's Forbidden Zones; Shutting the Media Out of Tibet and Other Sensitive Stories (2008)

- HRW - Devastating Blows; Religious Repression of Uighurs in Xinjiang (2005)

- HRW - I Saw It with My Own Eyes; Abuses by Chinese Security Forces in Tibet, 2008-2010 (2010)

- HRW - They Say We Should Be Grateful; Mass Rehousing and Relocation Programs in Tibetan Areas of China (2013)

- HRW - Walking on Thin Ice; Control, Intimidation and Harassment of Lawyers in China (2008)

- HRW - We Are Afraid to Even Look for Them; Enforced Disappearances in the Wake of Xinjiang's Protests (2009)

- Hui - The End of the Revolution; China and the Limit of Modernity (2009)

- Kerns - Who Will Shout If Not Us; Student Activists and the Tiananmen Square Protest, China, 1989 (2011)

- Kerr - Sky Burial; an Eyewitness Account of China's Crackdown in Tibet (1997)

- Landry - Decentralized Authoritarianism in China; the Communist Party's Control of Local Elites in the Post-Mao Era (2008)

- Lifton - Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism; a Study of Brainwashing in China (1989)

- Ling - A Heart for Freedom; the Remarkable Journey of a Young Dissident, Her Daring Escape,.. (2011)

- Manning & Wemheuer (Ed.) - Eating Bitterness; New Perspectives on China's Great Leap Forward and Famine (2011)

- Moyo - Winner Take All; China's Race for Resources and What It Means for the World (2012)

- Nathan & Scobell - China's Search for Security (2012)

- Navarro & Autry - Death by China; Confronting the Dragon - A Global Call to Action (2011)

- Osburg - Anxious Wealth; Money and Morality Among China's New Rich (2013)

- Shuyun - The Long March; the True History of Communist China's Founding Myth (2006)

- Stockmann - Media Commercialization and Authoritarian Rule in China (2013)

- Thaxton - Catastrophe and Contention in Rural China; Mao's Great Leap Forward Famine.. (2008)

- Tsai - Capitalism without Democracy; the Private Sector in Contemporary China (2007)

- Westad - Restless Empire; China and the World Since 1750 (2012)

- Wu et al - Urban Poverty in China (2010)

- Xinran - China Witness; Voices from a Silent Generation (2010)

- Zheng - Red Lights; the Lives of Sex Workers in Post-Socialist China (2009)