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Springmeier Deeper Insights into Illuminati Mind Control pack 3rd ed

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Illuminati Formula to Create Undetectable Mind Control Slave published by Cisco Wheeler, Former Mother of Darkness

Volume two of the three part Monarch series by ex-Illuminati slave Cisco Wheeler explains in detail how the Monarch trauma based mind control system is set-up and layered into a victim. When I first read the horrific details about this type of mind control I could hardly believe it. The fact that anyone could even survive these tortures seemed almost impossible. However, the spiritual aspects of Monarch mind control were not new to me as I had no problem believing the rituals and demon aspects of mind control, having experienced those things firsthand. While reading these volumes, there were many times I found myself thinking (wishing) that this whole mind control agenda could not possibly have happened and yet..... torture similar to the things described in this book have existed throughout history (P.O.W. torture-concentration camps for example).

Deeper Insights Into Illuminati Formula published by Cisco Wheeler, Former Mother of Darkness

Volume three of the Monarch series by Cisco Wheeler presents more in-depth and detailed insights into trauma based mind control as well as methods for deprogramming and therapy. Once again the mind reels when reading the details about the cold-hearted cruelty and methodology of the programming and at the complexity of the mind control system itself. Fortunately, the clear distinctions between alters, mirrors, and demons (as well as many other aspects of the system) can be seen when one understands how the system is set up. This volume in particular shows the differences by explaining all aspects of the system and it also shows some basic types of therapy that can be used to help lead victims out of their inner worlds. The therapy section of this book (part two) contains information that had not been explained in the first two volumes and is of tantamount importance here.

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