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Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles (2002)

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For over fifteen centuries the mysterious crop circles have been mentioned in academic and religious texts. In the 1890s farmers and military personnel witnessed them being created in seconds by tubes of light and other luminosities. But around 1980 the phenomenon went into overdrive and exploded worldwide, with some10,000 reports spread over 29 countries.

A major controversy erupted followed by a pre-designed debunking campaign perpetrated by the British Government, the CIA, the Vatican, and their allies in mass media to brainwash the public that this has all been a human hoax. But 80 eyewitness accounts and the physical evidence clearly tell another story—that a genuine phenomenon is at work.

So what are crop circles, why are they here and what is responsible?

This book by veteran researcher and international best-selling author Freddy Silva is the most comprehensive account of the mystery ever published, much of it from personal and hands-on experience. To this day Secrets In The Fields is regarded as the go-to book on the subject, and remains the most critically-acclaimed work ever compiled.

Written at enormous personal sacrifice, Silva brings you the complete history of the phenomenon, the anomalies that stretch the present boundaries of science, and the deliberate official efforts to discredit it and manipulate the public’s opinion.

Copiously illustrated with over 400 images and diagrams, he delves into the hard evidence and describes how the designs may be created by sound, plasma and the manipulation of local gravitational fields. He dissects their sacred geometry, their known meanings, hidden messages, connections with ancient symbols, and how they are energetically linked to ancient sacred sites such as Stonehenge and the Giza pyramids.

Ultimately he comes face-to-face with the source of the real crop circles —a photo of a Circle-maker is featured — and discovers how the glyphs are associated with the upcoming cycle of earth changes, and how they are working energetically to influence the future direction of human consciousness.

The message in this comprehensive and critically-acclaimed work will surprise and humble you. For the crop circles are a guide to where we have been, and a signpost to where we are headed.


Thanks a million!
This book is out of print

I really enjoyed his documentary Stairway to Heaven. I uploaded that a while back. But I could not find ORBS.

Didn´t see that. Thanks for mentioning it.
I have his books in hardcopy. He brings my kind of thinking, for the last 30 years, exactly to the point.
Do you know Chartres Cathedral - The missing or heretic guide?

I had not heard of this book before. I did not realize Freddy Silva had so many different books. They all look very interesting. I guess in Old Europe there are many mysteries. I see that an ebook version of this title is available on Amazon...

Yes, but I prefer them in hardcopy