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The Secret Powers Behind Revolution: Freemasonry and Judaism (1929)

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Genre: History, World, Revolutionary, Freemasonry, Judaism, Conspiracy
Publisher: Boswell Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1617590444
ISBN-13: 978-1617590443
Format: PDF

Have you ever wondered: What happened to our kings? De Poncins’ meticulously documented work takes you on a centuries-spanning journey in which you will be shown with irrefutable clarity the hidden forces responsible for the overthrow of humanity’s once honored nobility. The heralding of republics, constitutions and democracy during the last few centuries is no mere accident of politics. When Freemasonry was strong enough, it took the thrones of world powers by force and installed those “illuminated” systems in their place. This work is neither anti-Semitic nor a venture into the realm of fear-mongering gibberish. These are the facts presented in the words of the conspirators themselves. As the book comes to a close, both democrats and republicans will find themselves hard-pressed not to cheer for monarchy! Countless books claim to reveal the whole truth but although this book was nearly written a century ago, no other work will open your eyes as this volume will.

Freemasonry and Judaism: The Secret Powers of Revolution goes into scholarly historical detail of the goings on behind the scenes of the world stage. Did a revolution over taxes on tea ever sound suspicious to you? Wonder why there is constant hostility in the Middle East? Do you wonder why the money in your pocket is constantly losing value? This book has the answers.