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Schisms in Christianity - War of the Intellectuals

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Schisms in Christianity – War of the Intellectuals:

With most of the religious wars in Europe coming to an end in the 17th century without conclusive results, the Christian factions and sects started another war between them using the "pen" as the weapon (hoping that the pen is mightier than the sword). This war started in the 18th century, reached its peak in the 19th century and continued past WW1 in the 20th century.

The outcome of this war was an abundance of research and writings that expose the faults in the beliefs and doctrines of the different sects and denominations. Each round typically started with writings that aim to unveil, expose and unmask the errors of, or discredit the beliefs of a certain Christian sect. This was followed by counter accusations and refutations; and so on and on.

Many of these writings were scholarly studies of high caliber. Interestingly, one can only agree with the findings of these studies and writings even it they came from opposing parties. This war of the intellectuals showed that the issue at hand was not a question of which Christian faction is right and which one is wrong; it was really a question of which faction is wrong and which one is wronger.

This upload contains 26 titles and gives a sample of the writings resulting from the "pen" war between the Christian factions and sects. Additionally, most of the previous uploads contain tens of titles about the same subject.

1- Hardon - Christianity in Conflict: A Catholic View of Protestantism (1959)

2- Laun - The Chief Points of Difference between Catholic and Protestant Creeds (1915)

3- Kinsman - Catholic and Protestant (1913)

4- Gallitzin - A Defense of Catholic Principles (1880)

5- Ewer - Failure of Protestantism (1869)

6- Newman - The Religious Weakness of Protestantism (1866)

7- Sheil - The Bible Against Protestantism and for Catholicism (1859)

8- Fletcher - The Difficulties of Protestantism (1829)

9- MacDonald - The Protestant or Negative Faith Refuted (1813)

10- Tomline - A Refutation of Calvinism (1811)

11- Hodgson - The Calvinistic Doctrine of Predestination Examined and Refuted (1855)

12- Hall - A Refutation of Sundry Baptist Errors (1841)

13- Moore - Bigotry Demolished: The Close Communion Baptists Refuted (1880)

14- Davis - Universalism Unmasked (1837)

15- Cooke - Modern Universalism Exposed (1834)

16- Lee - Universalism Examined and Refuted (1835)

17- George - Universalism Not of the Bible (1874)

18- Wicker - The Fall of the Evangelical Nation (2008)

19- Witherington - The Problem with Evangelical Theology (2005)

20- Stead - Doctrines and Dogmas of Brighamism Exposed (1911)

21- Cooper - The Anglican Church: The Creature and Slave of the State (1844)

22- Decanver - Catalogue of Works in Refutation of Methodism (1868)

23- Reid - Plymouth Brethrenism Unveiled and Refuted (1876)

24- Palmer's Letters to Wiseman on the Errors of Romanism (1849)

25- Watson - Roman Catholics in America Falsifying History (1928)

26- McGrath - Christianity Dangerous Ideas (2007)

(P.S. Many titles in this collection are anti-Protestantism. Let's recall, however, that many titles in previous ULs were anti-Catholicism. Refer in particular to the ULs about: Corruption of Popes, Papacy and Church; Frauds, Forgeries and Hoaxes in Christianity; History and Criticism of Celibacy; Influence of Older Civilizations and Religions on Christianity; Venal Indulgences and Pardons of Church of Rome).