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(ReseedReq)William Cooper - Mystery Babylon No.33 Luxor(DVD-Rip)

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William Cooper - Mystery Babylon No.33 Luxor(Video)DVD-ISO rip)

==========File Name/Details=================================

Name: William Cooper-Mystery Babylon No.33 Luxor(Video)DVD-ISO rip).avi
Date: January 1994
File Size: 172MB
Running Time: 00:32:36
Video: XVID 688x464 29.97fps 600kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps


This is the companion video to the elusive episode, #33 Luxor,
the Source of Light, in the William Cooper - Mystery Babylon Series.
This video does a pretty good job of introducing the viewer to the
basic architecture of the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, adding
some much appreciated context for those listening to episode #33.
It is, however, not much beyond that. The video has sound but ambient
level only (background/street noise etc.), without any dialog.

It was finally uploaded to ConCen by a member (SpigotOnHOT), but
the video was in the form of a very large (1.09 GB) DVD, wrapped
in an easily burnable iso file.

A member (tantan409) suggested:
"the 2.5 gig size [of the entire series]is largely due to
your choice of using the [DVD] ISO format for the video.
Most of the videos posted here are in the more bandwidth friendly
AVI format for good reason. Could some kind soul please post the
video as an avi? Thank you."

Then (SpigotOnHOT)replied: "I do agree with you on the iso,
I just couldn't find a program to convert it from iso to avi."

==========DVD rip Notes======================================

Extracted DVD core files from ISO file.
Cropped (most) VHS artifacts from the video.
Resized video to correct to (near) original 4:3 aspect ratio.
Applied a de-interlace/comb filter.
Clipped 10 seconds of empty lead-out noise from the file.
Two pass re-encoded the file to a standard 1CD @ 2hr bit-rate
of approx. 600kbps.


I've now re-encoded this file to a more bandwidth friendly format.
It was (IMHO) probably the most glaringly obvious improvement needed
to/for this important, now comprehensively complete series by the
late William Cooper.