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Philip K Dick: Philosophy & Theology 1981 Interview

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Philip K. Dick Interview with Gregg Rickman 1981
2 CDs of a set of 4 (disks#3 and #4)

Philip K. Dick - Philip K. Dick 1981 Interview Disc 3 42:19
Philip K. Dick - Philip K. Dick 1981 Interview Disc 4 37:57

MP3 128 Kbps 44Khz

Rickman Interviews Dick about his studies and thoughts on Philosophy and Theology and about Dick's works. Dick discusses the question "If God did not exist in what way, if any, would our experience of reality change?" Some topics include simulated reality, causality's non-existence, the illuminati as god and benign conspiracy theory, Rosicrucianism and Parmenides, Dick's exegesis, the dream state and the unconcious, a Hebrew based supercomputer and information processing, Spinoza Schopenhauer entropy and the will to survive, Greek myth and the god Pan, the works Ubik, Valis, Maze of Death, and a lot more.
Transcription welcome thanks


this is a very rare interview which I cannot find online -- does anybody still have this?

It says this torrent was originally uploaded on Demonoid. I used to be on there way back in the day but it has sine gone defunct. Or there might be a new version of it I am not aware of. I can't find this interview.

good eye! I'll keep looking for it...I'm actually surprised to have discovered something related to him that is not more widely shared

I have his audiobooks, in case you are interested. not sure how to make them available because they are fiction but, heck, he is conspiracy central #1 if you ask me!

euxconcen wrote:

not sure how to make them available because they are fiction

Post them on another tracker and put a link in the forum.

Yes, I was really into VALIS and his exegesis not too long ago and had those audiobooks. It's amazing how many novels and short stories he has that have been made into audiobooks. My watering holes show upwards of 30gb of his audiobooks available. Thanks for offering - I think his Exegesis audiobook would be allowed here.


Thanks, guys. Here is the best i could do: the first of three books based on those interviews. But according to all sources online only 2 of 4 disks are available or cassette tape (!) -- not for the faint of heart!

My first torrents were digitized cassette and VHS tapes. I cannot do those any longer, I don't have the technology anymore! But I am told that independent musicians and bands still distribute their music on cassette tapes. I am not sure why, if it is a novelty or to bypass piracy...