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New Dawn Magazine - Every Digital Issue (Complete)

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Ok guys,

Since Mami has set the bar so high in the past, then threw down the gauntlet with his response to my UFO Mags torrent, including the majority of Atlantis Risings issues... I had to answer back with an equally impressive shot, or risk being mocked on the playground in the future :)

So, sorry it's not a complete set, I am still looking for the rest of the issues, if anyone has them please share...

Here is, the Complete set of Digital Issues, including all the Special Issues, of New Dawn Magazine. New Dawn is an Alternative news magazine that is written specifically for guys like us. You will love this mag, and spend countless hours searching for more issues just as I have...

As far as Alternative Mags go, there are only a few of equal Caliber, some of which are mentioned in those UFO mags I uploaded yesterday... They Are...

Atlantis Rising, Fortean Times, Nexus, Fate, and a magazine I was only recently exposed to but spent over a year trying to locate... New Dawn.

If you never believe anything else I say, believe this... you will want to leech every issue of each of these mags for yourself... I guarantee it!

So here it is, the Complete set of Digital Issues of New Dawn Magazine!!!

Just to Give you an example of How totally Awesome this Magazine is, on Page 39 of the last Issue in the set, #128, page 38 of the Magazine, it explains in easy to understand brilliant detail, exactly why vitamin B17 and a little publicized Chemical, Laetrile, banned by the FDA in the 1970s, Only Kills Cancer Cells and leaves the rest of yer body free from toxins and Cancer. It explains it in a way that every single 1 of you can not only understand, but explain it to others who will also understand...

This magazine is beyond Awesome, and I sincerely hope you take the time to read just the last issue, as I strongly believe you will be hooked like I was...

I don't know how long I can seed due to personal issues, so please help me keep this 1 alive!




Possible to reseed this torrent? Tx, Ron

Any chance of reseeding this Please Thank you

Thank you so much for these!!

Many thanks