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Joseph P. Farrell- The Giza Death Star Deployed

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"Contents i
Introduction v
Part One: Scenarios of Deployment
1. Exploding Planets: The Movie, the Mirror, and the Model 1
A. Some Peculiar Parallels 2
B. Astronomy, Planetary Physics, and Exploded Planets 12
(1) Comets, the Oort Cloud, and the Asteroid Belt 13
(2) Bode's Law 14
(3) Meteorites 14
(4) A Problem with the Exploded Planet Hypothesis 15
(a) The Absence of a Physical Model of Natural
Causes of Planetary Explosions 18
2. Dating the Catastrophe and the Compound 24
A. Dating the Giza Compound's Structures 25
(1) The Sphinx, The Great Pyramid, and the Second Pyramid
Of Kahfre 25
(2) The Temples and Causeways 31
(3) The Third Pyramid of Menkaure 33
B. The Flood and the Great Pyramid 36
C. Dating the Martian Catastrophe 38
D. Dating the Martian Monuments 38
(1) The Contextual Problem: Reconciling the Dates of the Martian
Catastrophe and Martian Monuments 41
E. Dating the Planetary Explosion 43
F. The Weirdly Anomalous Moon 44
(1) Its Age 44
(2) Its Origin 45
(3) Its High Radioactivity 46
(4) Hoagland's "Double Craters" 47
G. Distant Origins of Man and Civilization 48
H. Conclusions 51
(1) Contraindications 52
(2) Supporting Factors 53
Part Two: A Brief History of the Exoteric and Esoteric Investigations of the Great Pyramid
3. Newton's Gravity and Pyramid Measures: A Brief History of the Exoteric Scientific
Investigation of the Great Pyramid 60
A. Howard Vyse's Forgery and Military Connection 62
B. Greaves 65
C. Newton, Taylor, and the Pyramid Units of Measure 67
D. Smythe, Petrie, and Davison 69
E. The Strange Anomaly of Dr. Luis Alvarez 73
(1) First Observation of the Great Pyramid's Acoustic
Amplification Properties 75
F. Conclusions and Corroborations 75
4. Secret Societies, Psychics, Spies, Soviets and Scalars: A Brief History of the Covert
and Esoteric Investigation of the Great Pyramid 11
A. No Machines Please! 77
(1) Criticism of Sitchin' s Handling of Texts 78
(2) The Mystifying Silence and a Personal Aside 79
B. The Stargate Conspiracy 79
(1) Primitive Dogon Quantum Mechanics? 81
(2) The Lost Hall of Records 83
(3)Enter "the Psychic": Edgar Cayce: His "Terrible Mighty
Crystal" and "Fire Stone" 92
(4) Enter Dr. James J. Hurtak 95
(5) Enter Richard Hoagland 96
C. The Scalar Weapons "Triad Nations": The Berlin-Tokyo Scalar
Axis 99
(1) The Soviet Union' s Scavenger Hunt 104
(2) France (Infra)Sounds Off 112
(3) World War Two: the Ideological Problem for Science in
Germany 112
D. A Brief Mention of a Weapon Function for the Great Pyramid 131
E. Conclusions 134
Part Three: A Tesla Analysis of the Putative Physics and Engineering of the Giza Death Star
5. Message? Or Machine? A Precis of the Weapon Hypothesis 141
A. Five Hypotheses, Two Models, and a Method 141
(1) Weaknesses of the Message Model 142
(2) The Machine Hypothesis 145
(a) The Weakness of the Observatory Hypothesis 145
(b) The Weakness of the Power Plant Hypothesis 145
(c) The Weapon Hypothesis 147
(d) A Method 147
B. The Outline of Part Three 148
C. Assumptions 149
D. Models of Weaponization 150
E. The Hypothesized Functions of the Great Pyramid's Component
Materials, Geometric and Harmonic Features and Dimensions,
Chambers, and Feedback Loops 151
(1) The Selection of Materials Used in Its Construction 151
(2)Its Geometric and Harmonic Features such as Parabolic
Faces, Squared Circles and Cubed Sphere Geometries 152
(3) The Functions of Its Internal Chambers 153
6. A Tesla Analysis: The Basic Argument for a Weapon Function 155
A. Eric Dollard's Experiments: The Basics of Telsa's High Energy
Direct Current Impulse Magnifying transformers and the Wireless
Transmission of Power 155
B. The Analogs of the Atomic Weights of the Elements in the Great
Pyramid 159
(1) Possible Implications 163
(2) Beyond the Threshold of Stability 164
C. Bearden on the Problem of Isotropy and Anisotropy 165
7. Cohering the Zero Point, Vacuum Energy, Flux: A Synopsis of Scalar Physics and
Paleophysics 170
A. Conceptual Foundations of Scalar Electrogravitational Physics: 170
(1) Maxwell's Quaternion Electromagnetic Theory 171
(2) Deliberate Editting by Heaviside? 176
(3) Characteristics of the Scalar Wave 178
(4) Zero-Summed Vector Fields, Interferometry, and Scalar Weaponry 179
(5) Scalar Lasers 184
B. Principles of Zero Point, or Vacuum energy, Coherence 184
C. Scalar Physics and Paleophysics: A Comparison of Principles 190
D. A Comparison of Scalar-Plasma Physics and Known Properties of
The Great Pyramid 192
8. Configuring the Scalar Impulse Wave: More Tesla Analysis of the Integrated
Engineering of the Giza Death Star 194
Part One: Foundational Concepts
A. The Tesla Direct Current Magnifying Impulse Transformer 197
(1) Virtual Grounds 203
(2) And the Base Planetary, Stellar, and Galactic Systems 204
(3) Coupling of the Three Types of Standing Waves 204
B. Thomas Townsend Brown and the Stages of Dielectric
Displacement 205
(1) As Quantized States? 209
(2)The Space Warp, Quantized Macrosystems States, and
The Philadelphia Experiment 212
C. Radioactivity in the Open Systems Paradigm: LeBon's "Photo-
Aetheric Effect" 214
(1) Element-Ray Interaction 214
(2) Crystals as Wave-Guides 216
D. Infrasound Again 217
E. Farnsworth's Virtual Electrodes and Hot Fusion Plasma Containment219
F. Inferred Physical Postulates 220
Part Two: Inferred Applications In the Great Pyramid
A. The Queen's Chamber: Hydrogen Generation 222
B. The Grand Gallery: 222
(1) Gravito-Acoustic Infrasound "Organ Pipe" 222
(2) The Missing Gravito-Acoustic Resonator Arrays 226
C. The Antechamber: Infrasonic Baffle 227
D. The King's Chamber 228
(1) Tertiary Tesla Coil, and Possible Plasma Pinching:
Harmonic Piezoelectric Stressing and Amplification 228
(2) The Coffer: Cohered Optical Cavity 229
E. The Stone Courses of the Pyramid 230
(1) Secondary Coil Windings: Crystal Lattice Structure 230
(2) Periodic Atomic Weight Resonance 231
F. The Parabolic Faces: Focus and Collection of Base Stellar and
Galactic Systems' Waves 231
G. The Apothem: "Virtuals Leads"? 232
H. The Missing Apex Crystal: Dielectric Antenna 232
I. The Selection of Calcium Carbonate (Limestone) Casing Stones 233
9. Quantum Numerology. Feedback Loops, and Tetrahedral Physics 234
A. Nested Harmonic Feedback Loops as "Virtual Coil Windings" and
"Lattice Structure": Geometric Amplification 234
(1) The Feedback Loops, or "Virtual coil Windings" or "Virtual Lattice Structure" of the
Total System of Inner Chambers Based on Harmonics of Planck's constant
(Engineered Theoretical Value of 6626) and the Sumerian Ratio of 6:8::9:12 235
(2) Dimensional Measures of the Outer Structure and Planck Unit Harmonics 237
(3) The Odd Recurrence of the Number 26 240
(4) Harmonics of the Planck Units in the Pyramid's Analog of
The Earth's Polar Radius 241
B. 'Tetrahedral" Physics 243
(1) The Zero Summed Vector Matrix of the Initial State of
The Medium and its Cosmological Implications 243
(2) The First Platonic Solid: Spherically Embedded
Tetrahedra 244
C. Conclusions 262
10. The Power of Shapes and the Fire Within 265
11.The Other Pyramids 273
A. Dashur: the Standard Egyptological Explanation 274
(1) The Red and Bent Pyramids 274
12. Conclusions 281 "