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Joseph Campbell - Mythos 3 (2011)

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Joseph Campbell - Mythos 3 (2011)

The Shaping of the Western Tradition

"[Western myths] represented something that is typical to Europe and nowhere else, and that is respect for the individual and the individual path, the individual way." --Joseph Campbell

During the final years of his life, Joseph Campbell embarked on a speaking tour in which he drew together all that he had learned about what he called the "one great story" of humanity. These remarkable talks were filmed and are presented here in the order and manner in which Campbell himself intended, with enhanced images and in minimally edited form. As seen on PBS.

The Programs

1. Love as the Guide--The Arthurian romances, including Tristan and Iseult.

2. The Path of the Heart--Parzival and the Grail Quest.

3. Beyond Time and Space--The Romantic philosophers.

4. Between Pairs of Opposites--Thomas Mann and The Magic Mountain.

5. Into the Well of Myth--The Joseph novels and modern myth.

Presented and Hosted by Academy Award-Winner SUSAN SARANDON

2) Joseph Campbell on Thinking Allowed - Understanding Mythology.mp4