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The Hour of Our Time: The Legacy of William Cooper

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An insightful and provocative documentary on the life and death of William Cooper, author of the conspiracy book "Behold a Pale Horse," and host of the popular 90's short-wave radio program "The Hour of Our Time."

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Good, but not nearly enough detail, biographical or otherwise ... hardly any samples of his radio program are given so you don't even know why to like him really ... we at CAJI are in the process of producing a lengthy quality documentary on Bill's life.


The current copyright arrangement notice is as follows :

"· September 16, 2015

HOTT would like to pass along some news from James Jankiewicz, the director and producer of “The Hour of Our Time: The Legacy of William Cooper”, the documentary on Milton William Cooper released at our HOTT Conference in 2006. James has informed us that this documentary has recently been picked up by a third party digital distributor. This will allow the film, and subsequently Bill’s story, to have access to a wider more mainstream audience. This is a unique and unprecedented opportunity for James as it is rare a film that has been offered for free for over 5 years online would still be attractive to a third party distributor. What this means to us here at HOTT however, is that all free versions currently running online must be taken down for the duration of the contract – which runs for a few years. We will be free to upload to youtube again at the expiration of the agreement. As such the copy available on our youtube channel will be taken down by the end of this week. The film is now available for digital download from several digital media providers as a one time rental or purchase. We must reiterate that this arrangement has been negotiated through the producer/copyright holder of the documentary and not through HOTT. Here at HOTT we are very aware of the lost income and web traffic that results from people copying, posting and selling our works without permission. Because the terms of this agreement specify that the distribution company holds all rights to digital delivery we must, and will comply with their request to remove it from our youtube channel. If anyone if interested in renting or purchasing a digital version of the film, we’re including these links to where it can now be found online.

The Hour of Our Time is available on,, Google Video (through the official “Entertainment One” channel on youtube), and xBox.!content/652590/The-Hour-of-Our-Time-The-Leg...

Do note that the Hour of the Time receives no compensation, financial or otherwise from your purchase of this film from any of these providers. If you would like a physical DVD copy of the film, the last few copies of the original duplication run are still available through us. Thank you for your continued support.

I am exempt from the copyright period applying to whatever third party that James Jankiewicz is contracted to because I hold an active Contract to Broadcast the Hour Of The Time with the Harvest Trust, entered into by telephone with William Cooper on 'May 11, 1995', however, all non-Contractees with the Harvest Trust or later Contractees subject to the '1997' Contract provisions will be still bound by those provisions (grandfather clause).

Since this video is now subject to new copyright restrictions, grab a copy for yourself NOW and do not "promiscuously" share it so that you can stay legal; Donate to the Hour Of The Time (HOTT) if you can for a full DVD copy of the video to help support the cause, as the Hour Of The Time is 100% listener-supported.. :