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Hollywood Celebrities exposed as Vampires, Devils, Reptilians, Hybrids

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Hollywood Celebrities exposed as Vampires, Devils, Reptilians, Hybrids

This short documentary represents an undeniable proof exposing the existence of real vampires, hybrids, reptilians, among us for generations...AND IN PLAIN SIGHT, occupying the first ranks under the spots.

Photos and paintings dated back from the 1800s have been disclosed showing world celebrities such as Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, Keanu Reeves, Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, Justin Timberlake, Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Zuckerberg, David Icke, Jack Black, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and many many other world celebrities... Their faces can clearly be identified and there is no doubt about the authenticity of these documents.

Some people say it's reincarnation, this cannot be true as reincarnation does not exist, God says that each one of us has one single terrestrial life, this can be prooved because if reincarnation was real, we would all find a copy of ourselves in the past and this would be a known fact for long, but that's absolutely not the case, so this option shall be dismissed.

Other people say that these are clones. Some multi dimentional beings, extraterrestrials, ..., have built these human bodies in order to possess them and to use them as vehicles, this option shall be dismissed too because these so called extraterrestrial don't need to expose themselves by using the same addition, there is no such thing such as the extraterrestrials, it's just another fake identity used by the devils, the jinns, Satan's offspring.

God says that He first created the Angels for His own service, then He created successively 2 species: the Jinns and the Humans. Satan was the first Jinn (Satan has never been an angel and there is no such thing such as fallen angels, this is one more forgery of the devils) and Adam the first Human. The jinns have been created out of fire and the humans out of clay. God says that these 2 species can interbreed together, the result is an hybrid race, half jinn half human, called reptilians, vampires, hybrids, nephilims... These vampires have a true human body, but inside, they are absolutely not human, they enjoy the abilities of the jinns such as telepathy, their minds are connected in a network of minds, shapeshifting, invisiblity, the ability to live for centuries and even more... They can simulate the process of aging, they can rejuvenate themselves, they can shapeshift in another forms, they also can be possessed by the jinns in far more efficient way than the humans.

Satan and his progeny seek domination on the world and seek the destruction of Humanity. Since the beginning of the creation, Satan, the first jinn, has provoked the loss of Adam and Eve and their fall from the heavens. Satan and his progeny are still working on the same objective: to lead each human being to total darkness, enslavement, humiliation, pain, destruction...and to bring us in hell with them. God has condemened these devils to eternal hell in the hereafter and God has condemened anyone who follow them to share hell with them.

These devils have maintained their domination through secrecy and conspiration, using any mean to deceive, to lie, to dominate, to induce divisions and hatred between us, humans, provoking wars, terror, death, engineered deseases, ... They have been monopolizing for millenaries all the top positions in all the fields such as the media, cinema, education, history, the governments, science, military, music, TV, literature, cannot be a tv start, a movie star, a music star, or become president, senator, ....or any position of power without being part of these reptilians, they have the total monopoly on all the key positions, they can communicate between themselves through telepathy and know who to recognize each others, they use secret symbols in order to sign their work, they use a double language in any of their production such as the movies, lyrics music, public declarations, art, ....

They want to shape our way of thinking, our ideals of beauty, of success, ... our spiritual and religious conceptions, ...with their own satanic beliefs, they are pushing us for rebellion against God Almighty, they are pushing us to disobedience by promoting what God forbids such as peversion, sex, drugs, injustice, lying, mocking, murder, rape, sorcery, idol worshipping