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The Greatest Lie on Earth: Proof That Our World Is Not a Moving Globe (2018)

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Genre: Religion, Cosmology, Conspiracy
Publisher: Great Mountain Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1943056013
ISBN-13: 978-1943056019
Format: PDF

This book reveals the mother of all conspiracies. It sets forth biblical proof and irrefutable evidence that will cause the scales to fall from your eyes and reveal that the world you thought existed is a myth. The most universally accepted scientific belief today is that the earth is a globe, spinning on its axis at a speed of approximately 1,000 miles per hour at the equator, while at the same time it is orbiting the sun at approximately 66,600 miles per hour. All of this is happening as the sun, in turn, is supposed to be hurtling through the Milky Way galaxy at approximately 500,000 miles per hour. The Milky Way galaxy, itself, is alleged to be racing through space at a speed ranging from 300,000 to 1,340,000 miles per hour. What most people are not told is that the purported spinning, orbiting, and speeding through space has never been proven. In fact, every scientific experiment that has ever been performed to determine the motion of the earth has proven that the earth is stationary. Yet, textbooks ignore the scientific proof that contradicts the myth of a spinning and orbiting globe. Christian schools have been hoodwinked into teaching heliocentrism, despite the clear teaching in the bible that the earth is not a sphere and does not move. This book reveals the evil forces behind the heliocentric deception, and why scientists and the Christian churches have gone along with it.


Do you believe the earth is flat?

Is the moon also flat ?

can the earth be flat and hollow at the same time??? :P

Many have pointed out that there is big government building making truths like we are from fish and the earth is flat. They will never stop for personal agendas. Its very organized and very well convincing. Main thing is to bring you down and make you think you are nothing. Work, sleep, sex, worship personal jesus and repeat. Are you really saved? WHo are you kidding? They want you in that state of mind.. When in fact there is something huge going on that we are not aware of. So this kind of information , people be very careful. Can i say one more time careful!?