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The Great Satan At Large (Banned public access show)

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Ive had this for a few days and tinkered on whether it is right for here, hell, I still am a bit!

::WARNING:: Sexual innuendo, Nudity And racism is somewhat prevalent... some categories more than others....

Description given:
"Whoa boy!!! This is the kind of thing that makes us freedom of speech guys give pause. Then we discover we're laughing so hard it doesn't matter!!! This is yet another Texas based (what the fuck is wrong with them down there? Don't answer that!) public access show that was ripped from the airwaves. Here a dude dresses up as Satan and has an interview with a drunk bar owner (A dead ringer for El Duche') who is apparently God. Add a masturbating court jester, tons of profanity, drinking and loads of Richard Kern clips on the chroma key screen and you get one of the most fucked up, transgressive and entertaining shows out there. This was naturally busted off the air (it fucking ran at 6:30 pm!!!) so the second show on the disc is another show called Israel666 that allowed good old Satan to come on and plead his case! Awesome!!!! Free speech at work people!"


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this looks awesome


you've piqued my interest now