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Gnosis - Book III - Esoteric Cycle

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The question of the organization of human society. Frafernio, Eqrcali~,
Liberg. The role which could be played by the international Organization
of the United Nations, as a result of introducing a bicameral system. The
problem of the new man. Prophets, the artisans of the New Order ...
The main consequences of the energy revolution. The need to develop
international co-operation. The process of techcal progress aces on the
plane of civilization as that of consciousnessworks itself out on the plane of
culture. The flowering of national cultures is necessary before a universal
culture can be attained in the framework of a world civilization.
CHAPTER 111 19
Alexandes the Great, founder of the Hellenistic world, caIIed ta become a
container for the word of Christ. The conception of the substitution
formula in the event of a refusal by the chosen people. Alexander
regarded as a saint. Peter the Great and his Reform. The esoteric meaning
of his work. The renaissance of Russia began that of the peoples
forming the Hellenistic perimeter. The esoteric meaning of his death.
The problem of peace on a planetary scale. The primitive role of the
geopolitical grouping defined by the Hellenistic perimeter, the grouping
called on to become the cradle of the Era of the Holy Spirit. Its position in
relation to other geopolitical groupings and their relations to it.
ProbIcms that the population explosion of China poses for thc world. The
present historical situation with a projection into the future, examined
farm the esoteric angle, of relations between East and West. The constants
of history. Meaning of the conquest of Russia by the Tartars and of the
East by the Turks. The renaissance of Greece.
Efforts necessary during the end of the Time of Transition to allow the
coming of the Era of the Holy spirit. The two streams of Jewish thought,
the Pharisees and Sadducees at the time of the preaching of Jesus. Points
they have in common with streams of thought we can observe in our own
civilizatjon. Their importance from the point of view of the new era. The
dogmatic materialist is obsolete. In our time the viewpoints of Pharisee,
Sadducee and Essene must converge.
The esotericism of our time has become a public concern. The meaning of
the task of Eastern Orthodoxy within the Hellenistic perimeter. The two
Decalogues. The esoteric tradition of Moses transmitted to David. Since
Solomon, the people oflsrael have bccn split by dualism, Birth of a double
tradition: the tradition of David (based on the Absolute 11), and the
twditien of Solomon, (based on the Absolute 111).
The circle as symbol of eternity. The esoteric meaning of
'Symbol'. Traditional division of the circumference into three hundred
and sixty degrees. The reason why of this division. In addition to the
circle, the two other figures at the basis of the Tradition are the Circle and
the Square.
The circle, symbol of Eternity, and of Zero. From Zero develops the
system of symbols of the second order which gave birth to the sacred
alphabets. The passage from geometric concepts to algebraic concepts.
Geometrical consciousness. The Triangle, symbol of the
principle of Being. The inscribed Square. Diagram of the Circle with
inscribed Triangle and Square. Its first meaning ...
The diagram of the three fundamenta1 elements which form the human
being. System of twenty-two polygons inscribed in the Circle. The Pentagon,
the Hexagon, the Octagon. Inscribed in the circle with the TriangIe
and the Square, these three figures reff ect the structure of the Universe.
The Oaogram, the Hexagram and the Pentagram as reflections of the
structure of the three cosrn~co ctaves. Means of access to understanding of
these syrnbo1s. The method is divided into two elements: the sequence in
which the figures are placed in the diagrams, and the Table of twenty-two
Majar Numbers. The figures of the Pentagram, Hexagram and
Octogram. The table of the twenty-two Major Numbers and their meanings.
The distinction between the modern meaning of the symbol and its esoteric
meaning. To understand esoteric symbols demands a tension of the will,
and is achieved in stages. Tlis work is based on faith, Transformation of
being following partial rcvclations. Initiation into the mystery of
Knowledge (Connaissance). Study of the Pentagram. Numbered schemas
of the Hexagram and Octogram. The study of these three schemas
demands the use of thought in 'harmony'. These three cosmic symbols
are the keys of Gnosis: they form a kind of general map containing an
objective ~Iassiticationo f ideas.
The properties of the major numbers on which the whole structure of
creation depends. The method of studying these properties based on the
three fundamental elements: the Circle, the Law of Three and the Law of
Seven. This last is completed by a divine double artifice: the curving of
time and the filling of the intervals in the Great Octave. The ten autonomous
elements of that Octave. Properties of the Major Numbers XI11
and VII, esoteric symbols of the two great relative mechanisms of life.
Two humanities: the pte-adamics and the adamics. Study of major
Numbers XI11 and VII. Graphic representation of these numbers.
XI11 and nutrition. Creation of the two humanities and the
corresponding two enneagrams. Enneagrarn 'By is a universal instrument
for working which allows ithe solution of any problem, in being or in
action. Examination of this enneagram asit applies to the transmutation of
hydrogens. The practice af courtly love allows transmutation beyond SI
12. The couple of polar beings and the androgynous consciousness. The
two voluntary shocks.
The mixing of the two human xaces following the fall of Adam. The
process of creation of the two humanities. The difference of structure
appears in the interior struggles suffered by adamic humanity.
Temperament. Adamic man's freedom to obey his real 1 or not to
do so. Disobedience leads to an imbalance in the number of adarnics.
Temperament. The faculty for adamic man to obey, or the
evolution of adamics. The refusal of adarnic man to evolve will lead to
an ultimate struggle in which the children of this age will annihilate the
children of light and burn up the earth.
How can the imbalance be corrected? Roles which were filled jointly by
Adam and Eve before their fall, as well as by man of the sixth
day. Bipolarity of the Personalities as a consequence of eating the fruit
of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and EriI. The balance of the
current of Love from the Absolute I is broken by the fall. The possibility
of restoring it depends on the attitude of contemporary adamic men, on
individual esoteric work, and even more on collective effort.
The task of the man of the sixth day was to grow and multiply. Because of
his double nature Adam was called to serve as a link between the second
and third cosmic octaves and to take command of organic life on
earth. The role of the sexual centre in Adam and Eve before the
fall. The tole of sexual energy in the Knight and the Lady of his
Dreams. Sexual energies of the different living species, and their possible
use in the field of therapy. Conditions of pregnancy in adamics and preadamics.
Direct and lateral processes of transmutation of sexual energy
lead to the sublimation of sex and the birth of the androgyne conqueror.
The Sermon of Saint John Chrysostom and the Prayer of Saint
Ephraim the Syrian.
The attitude of thc world toward Jesus Christ. The use of thc word
'Christjc'. Historical facts of the life of Jesus. The miraculous side of
the life of Our Lord. Three meanings of the Holy Scriptures: narrative,
symbolic and hieroglyphic. The Lord's Prayer examined in the light of its
context. Our supersubstantial bread. The atchitcctute of the Paternoster.
The road that the faithful can follow by means of the Lord's Prayer. A
glimpse of the first hierogly phic meaning ofthis prayer. The birth of Jesus
and the meaning of the Immaculate Conception in Eastern Orthodoxy.
Mathematical relations which bring into relief the vaIue of the
global work of Jesus Christ compared to that ofan ordinary terrestrial man.
Conditions forthe founding of the Era of the Holy Spirit: a happy outcome
for the Time of Transition. Improvement of the human race a precondition
for its active participation in the Era of the Holy Spirit. Decoration of
the human body and its effect on the Personality. The converse, that work
on the Personality acts on the form of the body. Thecultivation of physical
beauty and beauty ofpsyche as a means of regeneration. The pantheon of
Hellenic gods and goddesses represent the original types and subtypes of
mankind. The significance of women's clothing and its esoteric importance.
Food and health. The neuter sex.
The family. Man seeks happiness but finds only habit. The hylic marriage
is limited to the lifetime of the body. The mystery of the one ft esh. The
influence of the element of the psyche in the domain of conception. Birth
Control by means of the psyche favours the appeamnce of beings endowed
with esoteric predispositions. Adamics choose their parents. The choice
of chromosomes provides a direct link between the supersensory plane and
that of living matter. Conditions necessary to allow the incarnation of
evolved souls.
Only an esoteric culture will bring into prominence those groups that will
ensure a stable international equilibrium. Seven ways of esoteric evolution
According to the tradition, the first three are reserved to man 1,2 and
3: the Way of the Servant; the Way of the Monk; the Way of the Scholar.
The Fourth Way, way of the sly man. Advantages and dangers of this
way. The fifth way is reserved for couples assumed to be polar. Sixty-nine
types of polarity. The seventieth type or Royal type. The higher divine
grades. The Absolute Zero and the Zero Absolute. Nineteen stages
divide the two poles. The type of the negative Androgyne.
Carnal Love and Mental Love. The objective sign of the presence of
mental love: the creative spirit. The problem of rejuvenation can be
resolved by combined activity on three planes; hylic, psychic and pneumatic.
Spiritual Love. Attaining this liove allows man to leave the relative
plane to enter the domain of Life. Underlying importance of the fifth
Way. The case of beings assumed to be polar. Courtly Love leads to
Lwe. The shell of the Personality. By passive concentration the Faithful
dissociates himself from this shell and progressively identifies himself with
the naked 'I' of the Personality, Introspection of the second degree, by
active concentration. Awareness of the image of the polar being.