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The Financial & Economic Crisis - Collection 8

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The Financial & Economic Crisis - Collection 8:

In these days we celebrate the grassroots movement against the greed of Wall Street and corporate corruption. The protests have gone worldwide. Pissed by the failure of their governments to protect them from the thieves and thugs in higher places, the people are trying to take the matter in their own hands to save their own livelihoods and the future of their children.

Here we have 37 titles.

- Arestis (eds.) - An Assessment of the Global Impact of the Financial Crisis (2011)

- Bielecki - Credit Risk Frontiers; Subprime Crisis, Pricing and Hedging, CVA, MBS, Ratings, and Liquidity (2011)

- Burnham - Mean Market and Lizard Brains; How to Profit from the New Science of Irrationality (2005)

- Chacko - The Global Economic System; How Liquidity Shocks Affect Financial Institutions and Lead to Economic Crises (2011)

- Chait - The Big Con; the True Story of how Washington Got Hoodwinked and Hijacked by Crackpot Economics (2007)

- Dooley and Frankel (eds.) - Managing Currency Crises in Emerging Markets (2001)

- Edwards - Small Change; Why Business Won't Save the World (2010)

- Gabor - Central Banking and Financialization; a Romanian Account of How Eastern Europe Became Subprime (2011)

- Glaeser & Goldin (eds.) - Corruption and Reform; Lessons from America’s Economic History (2006)

- Hankel - Brave New World Economy; Global Finance Threatens Our Future (2011)

- Harcourt - The Illusion of Free Markets; Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order (2011)

- Hardaway - The Great American Housing Bubble; the Road to Collapse (2011)

- Hawley (eds.) - Corporate Governance Failures; the Role of Institutional Investors in the Global Financial Crisis (2011)

- Heyne - Are Economists Basically Immoral; and Other Essays on Economics, Ethics, and Religion (2008)

- Holland - The Fifteen Biggest Lies about the Economy; and Everything Else the Right doesn’t Want You to Know (2010)

- Huertas - Crisis; Cause, Containment and Cure, 2nd ed. (2011)

- Keeley & Love - From Crisis to Recovery; the Causes, Course and Consequences of the Great Recession (2010)

- Koesterich - The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble; the Coming Deficit Debacle and How to Invest Now (2011)

- Kofele-Kale - The International Law of Responsibility for Economic Crimes (2006)

- Little & Rhodes - Understanding Wall Street, 5th ed. (2010)

- Moyo - How the West was Lost; Fifty Years of Economic Folly – And the Stark Choices Ahead (2011)

- Murphy - Unravelling the Credit Crunch (2009)

- Nesvetailova - Financial Alchemy in Crisis; the Great Liquidity Illusion (2010)

- Nesvetailova - Fragile Finance; Debt, Speculation and Crisis in the Age of Global Credit (2007)

- Nicholas - Investing in Hedge Fund; Strategies for the New Marketplace (1999)

- O'Shea - The Deal from Hell; How Moguls and Wall Street Plundered Great American Newspapers (2011)

- Rosenberg - Financial Missionaries to the World (1999)

- Rother - The Determinants of Currency Crises; a Political-Economy Approach (2009)

- Sanchez - Destined for Failure; American Prosperity in the Age of Bailouts (2010)

- Schiff - Crash Proof; How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse (2007)

- Schiff & Schiff - How an Economy Grows and How It Crashes (2010)

- Schwartz (eds.) - Volatility; Risk and Uncertainty in Financial Markets (2011)

- Shilling - Deflation; How to Survive and Thrive in the Coming Wave of Deflation (1999)

- Spall - How to Profit in Gold (2011)

- Ventura & Reed - Good Advice for a Bad Economy (2001)

- Vines - Market Panic; Wild Gyrations, Risks and Opportunities in Stock Markets (2003)

- Wijnholds - Fighting Financial Fires; an IMF Insider’s Account (2011)