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Experimental LSD-25 Psychosis (1955) [NSC.CIA]

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Experimental LSD-25 Psychosis (1955) [NSC.CIA]

Experimental Compound MER 17 and LSD-25: Psychosis (1955)

National Archives and Records Administration

National Security Council. Central Intelligence Agency. (09/18/1947 - 12/04/1981)

Experimental Compound MER 17 (Frenquel) and LSD-25: Psychosis. ARC Identifier 1634172 / Local Identifier 263.1057. This film examines medical experiments to determine the efficacy of LSD-25 and MER 17 (Frenquel) on treating psychosis.

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Comment: Poor Ronnie, after all of these MER-17 injections his mind must still be fucked up today, 55 years later. They claim treating psychosis with MER-17, but it seems to me that the CIA was rather looking for an antidote against LSD-25 to protect their agents from the KGB using LSD-25 during interrogations. Abusing these young students of psychology for such risky experiments seems rather dubious to me. Ronnies paranoia can be attributed to a moment of clarity rather than to his LSD-psychosis. A little bit less greenness, and he'd never have participated in this experiment.