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Evidences Against Christianity - A Collection

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Evidences Against Christianity - A Collection:

There are 15 titles in this upload:

1- Hittel - The Evidences Against Christianity, Vol I (1857).

2- Hittel - The Evidences Against Christianity, Vol II (1857).

3- Greg - The Creed of Christendom (1851).

4- Harden - An Inquiry into the Truth of Dogmatic Christianity (1893).

5- Taber - Faith or Fact (1897).

6- Ladd - Commentaries on Hebrew and Christian Mythology (1896).

7- Holbach - Christianity unveiled (1819).

8- Holbach - Ecce Homo: A Critical Enquiry into the History of Jesus Christ (1813).

9- Stearns - Mistake of Christendom or Jesus and His Gospel before Paul and Christianity (1857).

10- Bray - Christianity Viewed in Light of Present Knowledge and Moral Sense (1876).

11- Oswald - The Secret of the East or the Origin of the Christian Religion (1883).

12- Bird - Romanism Unknown to Primitive Christianity (1851).

13- Bell - Handbook of Freethought (1893).

14- Porter - Dictionary of Biblical Criticism and Interpretation (2007).

15- Freeman - The Closing of the Western Mind: The Rise of Faith and the Fall of Reason (2005).

Final Notes about the project:

With this upload in the last week of March 2010 we celebrate the first anniversary of the project. In one year a total of 1227 titles were uploaded distributed over about 80 uploads.

The main objective of the project was to collect evidences against Christianity and put them on the internet. During the course of the project some comparisons between Christianity and Islam were found to be useful. Hence the uploads included 45 titles about Islam. Furthermore, there were a limited number of repetitions to some titles that were found to fit into different groups.

Thus, we can put the number of unique titles that discuss evidences against Christianity that were collected and uploaded at about 1150 titles. All of these titles were written by Western writers. Every effort was made to exclude the books about Christianity that were written by Muslim or Arab writers.