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The End of Covid [1080p] (July 2023)

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This summit ran during July 2023, presented by Alec Zeck, featuring speakers of varying intelligence, ability, and grip on reality.

110 hours of video.

Adam Bigelsen
Albert Benavidas
Alec Zeck
Alex McManus
Brendan Murphy
Brittany Galvin
Cal Washington
Carolyn Blakeman
Chris Pilaro
Christine Massey
Daniel Roytas
David Icke
David James Rodriguez
David Parker
Dawn Lester
Dr Amandha Vollmer
Dr Ana Maria Olivia
Dr Ana Mihalcea
Dr Andy Kaufman
Dr Barre Lando
Dr Ben Tapper
Dr Christiane Northrup
Dr David Nixon
Dr Edith Ubuntu Chan
Dr Gerald Pollack
Dr Henry Ealy
Dr Jerneja Tomsic
Dr Jim Meehan
Dr Jordan Grant
Dr Kelly Brogan
Dr Kevin Corbett
Dr Larry Palevsky
Dr Lee Merritt
Dr Mari Arce
Dr Marizelle Arce
Dr Mark Bailey
Dr Melissa Sell
Dr Pete Chambers
Dr Sam Bailey
Dr Sam Sigoloff
Dr Stanton Hom
Dr Stefano Scoglio
Dr Steph Young
Dr Steven Young
Dr Theresa Long
Dr Tom Cowan
Eileen McKusick
Eric Coppolino
Etienne de la Boetie2
Felicity Jackson
Gail Macrae
Garret Kramer
Greg Paul
Ian Smith
Jacob Diaz
James Roguski
James Tunney
Jeff Witzeman
Jesse Zurawell
Jodi O’Malley
Jodie Meschuk
John Beaudoin
John Blaid
John Jay Singleton
John Knox
Josh Bigelsen
Josh Sattley
Karen Zmora
Kendall Nelson
Leslie Manookian
Lisa Strbac
Lo Elizabeth
Lynette Madsen
Marcelina Cravat
Mark Gober
Marvin Haberland
Matt Roeske
Meredith Miller
Michael Bryant
Michael Wallach
Mike Donio
Mike Stone
Mike Winner
Mike Yoder
Nick Hudson
Pamela Goodman
Patrick Henningsen
Peggy Hall
Sayer Ji
Sheryl Ruettgers
Steve Falconer
Steven Falconer
Todd Callender
Tom Barnett
Torsten Engelbrecht
Veda Austin


How did all these speakers fit on the stage :-0 ?

thx for this - i'm guessing it was a virtual meet-up thing...? If not - it sure would've been an easy target for any naughty intel group wanting to zap a LOT of undesirable types in one go.... this really DID happen at an event Sherry Tenpenny went to a few months back - seemed an aerosol type bio-nasty was released in the building just before it started.

Some really good interviews on this. Thanks for uploading

Was hoping someone would post this. Thanks.

Awesome thanks!