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The Earth is Not Moving by Marshall Hall

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Ask yourself this:

If the earth is rotating at 1674.4 km/h or 1040.4 mph, west to east, WHY don't flights westward take MUCH less time than flights eastward since going against the rotation would cut the flight time down significantly? A flight west (A to B) would take only a fraction of the time of a reverse flight east (B to A). Instead, flight times in both directions are almost the same, given varying plane speeds and weather patterns, something that can only happen if the earth is not moving.

Note: I am not a Christian, nor interested in religion, yet the author provides many sound arguments to support geocentricity. If you are not a Christian, please do not dismiss what is said just because the author is Bible-centric.

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How the Dead Souls of Venice Corrupted Science by Webster Tarpley

Back Cover:

The belief that the Earth is rotating on an "axis"
and orbiting the sun is THE GRANDADDY OF


All of the precise calculations for the Space Program are based
on a non-moving Earth.

All of the precise calculations describing Eclipses are based on a
non-moving Earth.

Indeed, all calculations bearing on Navigation, on Satellite move-
ments, on anything which demands accuracy, are formulated
on the basis of a stationary Earth.


I. That the Bible teaches that the Earth is not moving AND CAN

II. That Mathematics have been invented specifically to uphold
Copernicanism. There is no real evidence that the Earth moves.

III. The roles that Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton Einstein et al
have played in giving this great lie its present universal grip on
man's "knowledge".

IV. That the so-called "proofs" of the Earth's rotation ---The Coriolis
Effect, Foucault's Pendulum, Geosynchronous Satellites --- prove
nothing of the sort.

V. That the LOGIC against a moving Earth is both abundant and

VI. That Zodiac and Parallax factors make the universe at least 25
times smaller than we are told.

VII. That the exposure of this great lie will precipitate a back-to-the-
Bible movement that will shake the world.

"The heliocentric model is in fact a religion and requires all to believe in it without thinking. It is made out of vague arguments, false illustrations, fake ideas, and invalid principals. It is a fraudulent thesis. It is a bunch of circles on paper. It cannot be an element of the celestial motion. The heliocentric is the first ring of a long chain that was purposely founded to promote disbelief in God, via, mistrusting His messages. It is the Archaeal host for all repellent movements against the belief in God and to His messages. It is the common descent of evolution. It confronted the Bible to dispel the people from the message of God. Hence, it is logical to start the series by proving the fakeness of the heliocentric thesis." Yassar R. Shaban