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Dope Inc - Britain's Opium War Against the US

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Dope Inc - Britain's Opium War Against the US

Dope Inc. makes a solid case, not just through connecting the dots and theorising, but also indisputable documentation, that the worlds Heroin trade was and still is controlled by an octopus network of "respectable" world elites, including British aristocrats leading all the way up to the House of Windsor, British based Jewish bankers who finance and launder money for drug operations, a handful of super wealthy blue blood WASP families from the New England area of the USA, with underlings like the so called Mafia, the Chinese Triads and also shows how the drug trade is tightly interwoven with the gold and diamond trade. Another thing I found interesting is how their servants like the Bronfmans and Kennedys moved up the ladder from being disreputable gangsters to high level servants of the elites. Bronfmans have intermarried with Rothschilds and Kennedys with the British aristocracy.

It also has good info on the Chinese Opium wars where the British sent troops into China because the Chinese began to crack down on Opium use and stop British shipments of Opium grown in India into China. Yes they invaded China because China had had enough of Britain enslaving their population to drugs and getting richer off of it. This is mainstream history. Just look up Chinese Opium wars or the British East India Company on Wikipedia or on a search engine. Something tells me your average dumb downed brainwashed University history major has no clue that this ever occurred.

The criticisms I have of this are when they go into the occult side of some of these secret societies I don't agree with all of this books conclusions as to what these groups true beliefs or origins are. There is a lot of political and social bias in this book so you have to watch some of that. I also disagree with the stance this book takes on legalisation. If it were up to me Marijuana would be legalised tomorrow and I would at least take a long hard look at legalising other drugs. Dope Inc and the information in it is dated too. The gears have shifted quite a bit now that they have moved new world order troops into Afghanistan, whose Heroin production suddenly went through the roof after the Taliban was deposed. In spite of those critiques this is still a must read book.

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comment: This text is explosive, but you will never hear anything about it in the media or in your history school books. The truth isn't politically correct these days, only lies are. Since America's declaration of independence, the Masonic British elite have been trying to destroy America - and with the help of the FED and drugs they've almost succeeded. What else are the 50'000 Masonic lodges in America, if not the fifth column of the British elite relentlessly undermining the land of the free since its inception?