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David Icke Debunked by Chris White (2010)

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David Icke Debunked by Chris White (2010)

This is 2.5 hour film from Chris White takes a very close look at David Icke's history and beliefs. It reveals the true sources of David Icke's theories which are often shocking, and should be very concerning for a genuine seeker of truth. This is a well rounded expose which is done respectfully, while still attempting to get the average truther to reevaluate what they really know about the "endgame" of the Illuminati.

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Talk about false prophets. I always wondered why the illuminati had killed Bill Cooper and have left David Icke alone. Isn't that strange? This means that they want to use him as a useful idiot in one way or the other. This doesn't mean that David is aware of this though. He may be working for them or he may not. This makes you wonder why Alex Jones is still alive.

There are several reasons why someone may still be alive: First, someone is still to unimportant to be noticed by the illuminati and to be perceived as a serious problem. Second, they may use someone as a useful idiot as long as he's not aware of being used. Third, the person is being protected by GOD and therefore the illuminati won't dare touch him. Fourth, the person may have achieved a spiritual level that creates respect in the minds of the illuminati and thus they simply want to avoid any confrontation that may be detrimental to them from a karmic perspective.

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The reason why the illuminati-religion will be accepted by many sheeple is based on the fact that humanity is longing for universal spiritual principles, for a universal religion that can be accepted by everyone, that unites humanity instead of antagonizing it. Now unfortunately this genuine and honest need and desire has been hijacked by the bad guys, but this doesn't mean that this desire as such is wrong.

We want to transcend boundaries created by religion, race and nation states while at the same time we want to stay loyal to our cultural and spiritual identity. The desire for a unified world not split up by nation states is a justified one, but here again this honest desire has been hijacked by cruel lucifer-worshipers to make come true their satanic concepts. That's how you make good people do bad things, simply by helping them fulfill their dreams as far as external appearances are concerned while at the same time preventing them from seeing how toxic the creation being brought forth by them is at its very core.

Remember that GOD, and I don't mean Lucifer, already existed before Jesus existed as a human messenger on this planet, and therefore you don't have to be a Christian to be saved. This is my personal opinion only, of course. Although this may not be the right time to go beyond the body of Jesus, the same way this may not be the right time to go beyond nation states. So it is probably best for Christians to remain conservative Christians and stick to the tried and tested teachings during these troubled times.

Basically worshiping Lucifer simply means that you become a god onto yourself, that you create your own laws and don't respect GOD's ten commandments anymore, and for immature souls, such as the elite, this process can only end up in a disaster. They suffer from delusions of grandeur and they simply cannot differentiate between the personal "I" and the cosmic "I". Claiming to be god is just ludicrous.

Just have a look at what the illuminati hate most, what they don't want you to believe in, and then you will surely find what you're looking for and what will be your salvation. In a way the illuminati are quite helpful, if you think about it this way. Their desire for chipping people with the 666-chip only confirms the biblical prophecies and therefore can only strengthen your faith in Jesus. Aren't the illuminati wonderful in a perverted way?

There will be black and white only. Talk about sorting the wheat from the chaff. The false love of Lucifer unites all by chopping off what doesn't fit, whereas the true love of GOD unites and integrates all, but without suppressing anything or anyone. Based on true love problems will be perceived as an inner challenge and not as an outer obstacle. The ultimate challenge will be to even love the devil as GOD's tool but without ever bowing down before him.