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Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove (2000) (Alex Jones)

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Dark Secrets: Inside the Bohemian Grove documented the first ever hidden camera incursion into the Grove and the bizarre pagan ritual, the Cremation of Care, practiced by its members: all men, including both Presidents Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell, and Henry Kissinger to name but a few.

For most of the Club's long history, the public could only speculate as to what these men were doing. Now the truth can finally be revealed. Discover the horror of the secret rituals and strange perversions engaged in at Bohemian Grove. Is this where your future and the destiny of the entire planet is decided?

Original Release: 2000


This reminds me of a totally horrible witness testimony from Paul Bonacci that was published in John DeCamp's book 'The Franklin Cover-Up'. Bonacci states that he and other boys were used in a snuff film where one boy was shot and killed and that the body was dumped close to Bohemian Grove and would be used in some sort of sick ritual. The snuff film itself was given to members of Bohemian Grove and the surviving boys were used as sex slaves. Bonacci is said to have undergone mind control experiments at Strategic Air Command and had dozens of alternate personalities that had been programmed to do various things.

MK-Ultra, Satanism and the elite seems to be a real thing, at least in America - but probably throughout the world...