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Corey Goode - Secret Space Program S01E01

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This is the first episode of the interviews that Corey Goode gave to David Wilcock about the Secret Space program and the many breakaway civilizations that spawned in the planet...

Sorry for the embedded subtitles. This was the guy that captured via Camtasia.

(If the community has interest about the rest of this content, let this stated here and then the rest will be posted...)


I really don't think Corey is telling the truth about anything. he stumbles through the whole interview and yet Wilcock seems sincere in believing what he says?
I remain unconvinced by anything he says as for an empath and so called telepath Corey is utterly inarticulate and very dull. He's like some trucker talking in a roadside cafe.

Either Corey has seen too many sci-fi films or tv shows or he's stark raving mad!He's probably just some sad guy who hopes to get a girlfriend or a few one night stands after spouting this rubbish. If a psychiatrist heard Corey's stories he'd get put away.
I know for sure he isn't telling the truth and yet Wilcock actually believes his garbage.

Usually i do not do comments defending torrents i posted, but this will be one exception:

When one says that can not relate oneself to some information, when one says that can not believe or can not accept this or that because can not see enough proof, etc... it is fine. But when one attacks the messenger, judging the messenger, stating opinions about the messenger... this is a clear sign that the message has some value, some meaningful truth. Maybe the message is not complete or yet have some holes but is has some nuggets of intel that have been hidden and now are in the open.

I attack Corey Goode, because I know he is lying. That's all. Corey does not tell the truth and his message has no value whatsoever. He has NO proof whatsoever for anything he says , none at all.
Corey has never been to the moon and has never been to another planet. I'm not sure why Corey persists in his empty stories. He isn't an empath. As far as I know his stories are a mish-mash of science fiction tropes and half formed science fiction ideas. If anyone believes what Corey says then they are just as deluded as him. So, no, his message, whatever he thinks it might be, has no value or truth. Where are the "Nuggets of Intel?" I didn't get anything from anything Corey said and despite his attempts to sound sincere he still keeps telling lies.

I read the article and that is just a retread of what Corey Goode says. It's rather telling that Corey just talks and has no credible proof of anything he says.
if there are Blue Avians then all they have to do is reveal themsleves and then I might beleive Corey's nonsense. All the article proves is that the Ubuntu Movement and David Wilcock are just taken in by the nonsense that Corey spouts. No proof just words. Anyone can spin such a yarn, that's all Corey has, an outlandish story ...

David Wilcox isnt too bad but i did notice on C2C awhile ago sometimes the stuff he talks about,has ideas for or heres sound like b.s. is he running out of ideas so hes latching on to people like this Corey dude ? he seems like hes full of it. the look in his eye..all of it. a harmless guy but a messed up one. too bad