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The Colonists & the Missionaries - Hand in Glove

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The Colonists & the Missionaries – Hand in Glove:

There were three previous uploads that discussed colonialism and the atrocities (sins) committed by the colonists on native people. It is not a secret that one main objective of the Christian European colonizing powers was to spread Christianity and convert the Heathen. The missionaries were always at the forefront with the colonists. In many cases the colonists are the missionaries or they participated with each other in committing the crime. In other cases the missionaries were guilty of complacency and not trying to prevent these crimes.

This upload contains 20 titles:

1- Howitt - Colonization and Christianity: Treatment of the Natives by the Europeans (1838)

2- Oglivie - Our Empire's Debt to Missions (1923)

3- Cushner - Why Have You Come Here (2006)

4- Lightfoot - Indians, Missionaries and Merchants (2005)

5- Bolton - The Mission as Frontier Institution in the Spanish-American Colonies (1917)

6- Blackmar - Spanish Colonization in the Southwest (1890)

7- Clarkson - India and the Gospel or An Empire for the Messiah (1851)

8- Partial History of Christian Missionary Atrocities (

9- Sundaram - Atrocities on Hindus by Missionaries in Goa

10- Strong - Anglicanism and the British Empire, 1700-1850 (2007)

11- Cox - The British Missionary Enterprise Since 1700 (2008)

12- Bonner - Christianizing the Heathen: First-hand Evidence Concerning Overseas Missions (1922)

13- Wilberforce - A Reproof of the American Church (1816)

14- Thompson - The Footprints of the Jesuits (1894)

15- Paris - The Secret History of Jesuits (1975)

16- Worcester - The Cambridge Companion to the Jesuits (2008)

17- Byington - The Puritan as Colonist and Reformer (1899)

18- Hawkins - Historical Notices of the Missions of the Church of England (1845)

19- Perry - Connection of Church of England with Early American Discovery and Colonization (1863)

20- Etherington - Missions and Empire (2005)