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CBC Doc Zone part 2

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Part two of documentaries from the CBC program Doc Zone, this installment includes:

Defying Putin (pre-Sochi Olympics Canadian anti-Putin propaganda)
Dot Con
Forgotten No More (not the Kevin Annette story, rather a feel-good story of Canadian heroism in Europe in WWI)
Gangster Next Door
Mission: Asteroid
My Life after 9/11
Mystery of the Bell (of Bathoche)
Psychopath Next Door
Syria: Behind Rebel Lines (legacy .flv file and pure propaganda)

Note: all of the above except for the .flv file have embedded CC captioning.


Mission: Asteroid aka Doc_Zone_S2013-2014E18_09_00_2014-04-03_960x540_2500kbps.mp4 was the only one in this installment which intrigued me. Mystery of the Bell had thousands of small EXTRA files which looked interesting but I didn't bother downloading or uploading them, seems to be something about Metis culture in Canada (Mestizo, mixed Native-European groups).

If this one isn't downloading for you, try adding some other popular trackers. My stats show at least 8 people downloaded it successfully.