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From Borderland Sciences Research - Part 4 [study pack]

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Parts 1 and 2 were RESEEDS, Parts 3 and 4 are new though.

This archive contains free video and audio from Borderland Sciences, including conference lectures and interviews.

Priceless information is now yours, if you choose to accept it.

Borderland Sciences was founded by Meade Layne in 1945 for the purpose of investigating into realms normally beyond the range of basic human perception and physical measurement. Today, we continue to archive and study these fringe materials, pushing ever outward in our explorations of the Borderland of Science.

Eric Dollard is an Electrical Engineer who is a "living legend" in the field of electrical research. He is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable expert alive today on the true nature of electricity. Author of the landmark mathematical papers Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Waves and Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Electric Wave, Eric shows how all electric phenomena can be mathematically measured and engineered WITHOUT using calculus or "Maxwell's Equations." Author of Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformers and Theory of Wireless Power, he is also the only person since Tesla's death to successfully build a real Magnifying Transmitter.

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