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BBC Our World: What's Killing America's White Men (2018)

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Every year, nearly 45,000 people in America kill themselves. That is more than twice the number that die in homicides, and the numbers are increasing. There is one group in particular causing this spike - white, middle aged men. India Rakusen goes to Montana, where suicide rates are double the national average, to find out what drives so many of these men to despair and taking their own lives.

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... in the US - over 45,000, yet this documentary fails to mention that many of the suicides were on medication which causes suicidal thoughts.

PATHETIC. Big pharma is profiting from murder.

But what does this documentary say is one reason men are committing suicide? Guns. What. The. Fuck.

Haven't watched this yet...
... but I have thought that the suicide thing and it is probably going to be a BIG deal in the years to come.
With little or no pension and older people left on their own to care for themselves...
... those without money to live and no assistance from government or family ... suicide is the only out.
Harsh realities are coming to an aging society in a collapsing economy.

it would be people my age looking at the generation or two after usa and thinking "fuck this shit and it's self centred, selfie obsessed whiney little fuckbags that think they are all so very special.... bollocks..." *PTANG*