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Aryan India and the Thunder God (2021) [x264]

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Most people associate the word “Aryan” with the blond blue-eyed people native to the lands of Germany and Scandinavia. However, the legend of this “master race” was stolen by the Nazis, and its true origins lie in the Vedic literature of ancient India.
Who were the Aryans who fought against the dark-skinned people of India, and why are they praised in the most holy Hinduism scripture?
Who is their Thunder God – Indra? And how did he became known to distant cultures under names like Thor and Aramazd?
Why are there commonalities between the Greek, Indian, and Armenian languages?
And what really happened during the collapse of the ancient Minoan civilization on the island of Crete?
All these points connect into one amazing story of deep antiquity revealed in “Aryan India and the Thunder God”