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Apocalypse: Never-Ending War 1914-1926 (2018)

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1of2 - Vengeance: The Great War comes to an end in 1918 after four years of fierce fighting. Those who have survived become aware that the world of the past century has disappeared into an abyss of suffering. While leaders of the victorious countries design a new world order, traumatized societies struggle to find their footing.


2of2 - Return to Hell: In the aftermath of war, the Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires fall apart, currencies fluctuate wildly, and vast numbers of refugees flee misery. Before long, age-old hatreds, fears, and resentments resurface and drive the world to the brink of a new apocalypse. And so begins a chaotic period during which the new world order provokes revolution, counter-revolution, nationalist insurrection, and civil war.