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A.P. Sinnett - Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching

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A.P. Sinnett - Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching (pdf) - roflcopter2110

Alfred Percy Sinnett (January 18, 1840, London - June 26, 1921) was an English author, journalist, and Theosophist, who played an important part in growth of the Theosophical Society during its first generation. Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching. Philadelphia, 1920. Table of Contents Preface This World's Place In The Universe Future Life And Lives Religion Under Repair Religion Under Repair : A Reply To Professor Lindsay The Occultism In Tennyson's Poetry Creeds More Or Less Credible Imprisoned In The Five Senses Our Visits To This World The Masters And Their Methods Of Instruction Expanded Theosophical Knowledge The Pyramids And Stonehenge Theosophical Teachings Liable To Be Misunderstood The Super-Physical Laws Of Nature The Higher Occultism The Objects Of The Theosophical Society The Borderland Of Science Archaeology: Relics Of Antiquity Cataclysms And Earthquakes Poetry And Theosophy Note “We have to think of the Unseen realms of Nature as inhabited by hosts of spiritual beings concerned with the direction of the forces (emanating from super-Divine Will) which not merely guide organic growth but provide for the growth of the spiritual essence with which such growth is associated.”