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The New Corporation [1080p]

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The New Corporation

From Joel Bakan and Jennifer Abbott, filmmakers of the multi-award-winning global hit, The Corporation, comes this hard-hitting and timely sequel.



That's great, thanks for sharing!

I just finally got around to watching this movie. ITS CARP! I regret uploading it.
Repeats Obama's global warming propaganda which is no less corporate than big oil's, and is of course profiting the same people.
Calls Trump a "symptom of the disease" - Fools! Trump is the (failed) culmination of 9/11 TRUTH!
Portrays CIA's regime change revolutions like Arab Spring, Ukraine etc. as movements against "corporations and reckless capitalism" when in fact they are just made to spread the US banking cartel's influence abroad and feed the US military industry through wars like Syria, Afghanistan...
And exposes nothing as a whole. The people who made it obviously sold out.
You guys should watch more news like Russia Today and learn some actual facts and alternative views.