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Robin Williams Possessed By Demons (and Other Videos)

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good thing this isn't fiction and the truth!

Youtube vidoes I made recently. Working on my Last Film EVER!!!
Teaser: the movie will expose Satanic Hollywood. And it will be a Must See!!!!

The film hopefully will be done soon. I have been working on it since April? Well, I thought the movie would be done by December, then January, Looks Like February..... feels like March

February 1st I'll try


u idiot, he was suffering from depression, how dare u defile peoples fine memories of this awesome person with your fucking shit. specially when he was suffering from something a majority of people do at some point in there lives, fucking off and die. wanker

robin williams brought so many people happiness and laughter, exactly what this world needs, u make me sick

not seen your files yet.. but do be impressed with the idea that ppl ARE under the influence of "?" <- that being undefined by our senses..
However.. seems.. chemicals, eythol, cocaine etc.. made it become a "reality" for him..

before you clap or boo.. consider..

with this in mind...

What did RW ever contribute...

1: laughter
2: Proposing the thoughts of another "mans" writing in films..
3: ?

Hrmm.. so he passed as a comedian ... and made you see thru other peoples eyes, their ideas.....

Did he really "DO" .. anything?

I love him in "dead poets" "good will" etc .. however..

other than "passing" on anothers idea... he really did nothing :( Am sorry but .. thats a fact..

Did he suffer from his "demons" ?

yep... as we all do...

did he ... umm cure/help/pass-on/make-a-new... ANYTHING?

noo... sadly.. he was just a man with a quick wit and problems..

They stole him and sent him to the hole he is in now..

should have been a brick layer! would have glistened to wake and think of ways to makes his fellow workers laugh..

Grown old and simple...


Let those who choose to speak to the world.. have a fucking clue what the world is about.. as it is not another mans idea.. it is .. REALLy what it is

>flame off>


thanx for the u/l

Watching some now.. Very good.. like the whole .. er um .. "music scene" deal.. Def some entity that makes dumb shit happen.. look at the current music.. hahaha


are you Born again chumps STILL confusing mental illness with demonic possession?
how positively primitive of you! asnd quite fucking moronic.
and Araka

Did he really "DO" .. anything?

well he was an exceptional comedian and a fine actor.
by going what YOU state there after what i quoted then pretty much all actors,singers/bands, performers of any type don't do anything......
they perform what other people have written, composed and created.
As such your point is kinda moot really

Now back to Bob......
you see ÏT" EVERYWHERE.. because you want to, even when simple reason and logic crucify your argument or point/s.
have a SUPER Saturnalia :P

You just don't want to see it and refuse to accept it.
Can't wait for my last movie to be finished. My guess is you'll still have excuses for Hollywood. All I can do is present the facts. Bottom line is Satan uses Hollywood movies to corrupt morals. It's an important tool for the New World Order. Example being the movie "the Interview"

My final film will show countless examples. Sadly, some people will still refuse to accept it because they like their music or Hollywood movies and they don't want to give them up. But when you really hate wrong and evil, it's not hard at all to give up such things because all the music and movies these days promote evil.

God Bless

yes yes brother...................sad that some just attack in blind anger. amazing how the "awake and aware" are still so much in the dark. everything Hollywood and music industry is nothing but evil............those involved may not be participants but the tool is used for control, that is all, control. there is so much evidence to prove evil is in total control on this planet and has most tricked into thinking it does not exist and follow blindly any distraction that feels right at the time. anyone unsure of this just go to and follow some of the latest freeman videos and podcasts.......he is an expert on Hollywood and music industry occultism. I will watch your video and learn from it.........................peace and love

Check this out... Most of my work. Mostly documentaries

And check this hoover dam video I made.

Also on youtube

this bob person is an absolute moron.


Linking my facebook account to my youtube account is bold.
Me exposing the New World Order is bold
I've probably made more full length videos than anyone else in the last six years.
You guys can say anything you want about me. I don't care. You'll be left with your hate.

>>Linking my facebook account to my youtube account is bold.

*You're* the one who linked *your* accounts together in *your* "my other videos" comment above.

>>Me exposing the New World Order is bold

Perhaps, but not allowing comments on your youtube videos seems a little "chicken-shit" to me.

>>I've probably made more full length videos than anyone else in the last six years.

That *is* fast, so fast that many of them don't even have any commentary (just somebodys music track that you ripped-off and stuck in there.)

>>You guys can say anything you want about me. I don't care. You'll be left with your hate.

I'm not a "hater." I don't "hate" you or your videos. There's obviously an audience for this type of entertainment (one look on youtube will confirm that.) It's not hard to see where you may have gotten some of your inspiration from. The current "Illuminati" theme that's running wild on Youtube, in Hollywood, in bookstores and all across the internet is just another *fad* that will have to run it's course.

I don't allow comments on youtube. When I do allow comments, people always use the F word and talk about rape, not to mention other things are said. I don't want children to read such comments.

Ripping off people's music. Ok for one movie I made, out of 15! (the Untitled Conspiracy) The music I used for my recent documentaries are made by the people. They give permission to use their music in videos. That's what they want.

Now for last accusation that I get my ideas from youtube. This isn't the case. I first started making my movies in 2009 with Last Call for Freedom. At this time, there weren't many conspiracy youtube channels, hardly none at all. I really don't spend that much time on youtube. And if you have watched my movies, which sounds like you have, then you would know that they are original. Most of the content comes from things I have found or things I have thought about.


I first started making my movies in 2009 with Last Call for Freedom. At this time, there weren't many conspiracy youtube channels, hardly none at all.

I call bullshit on that claim!
there have always been shitloads of channels of conspiracy on YT

Satan hahahah fucking moronic christen bible thumping retard, how many fucking people have died in this world and children molested by your prisests and shit over your so called peaceful bloody religion, fuck me. and then you call people who help bring a smile to other peoples faces and some laughter to everyone fucking possed by demon's or some weird bullshit u have concocted, fuck if this is the best you have to offer people, ill take the possed robin williams any day of the week. Wanker

You just don't want to see it and refuse to accept it.

I SEE without the blinkers of dogmatic bollocks that you happily wear.
really the thing that springs to mind from your response to me was some lyrics by a wonderful band called "The the''

Why is it that anything on this earth we do not understand
We are pushed onto our knees to worship or to damn?

Those are the rules of religion
Those are the laws of the land
That's how the forces of darkness have suppressed the spirit of man

That's why human beings still walk on all fours
Whilst in the presence of their so called superiors

Something's telling you to wake up and salute
The dangers of obedience and the violence of truth