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Does anyone have the thumbdrive and/or the Paid content to share? Great info on Simulation theory and non-cannon history. Plus, demons and occult astrology charts etc. Thank you.

Probably exclusive content on

Probably exclusive content on TheOccult, in which case it cannot be shared elsewhere. But we'll see!

This has most of the content.

Takes forever to download and is not organized the best but the majority of the content from my understanding is there.

Archaix is great for chronology but his cult followers of the simulation theory are becoming very annoying and quite dogmatic. I have been kicked out of nearly every one of their communities for kindly disagreeing with simulation theory as it is literally a Kantian discursive mindset in direct contrast to what the Goethean approach may ascertain.

Thank You

Thanks for replying. Although I do not plan on joining the cult, I still am looking for open avaunes of research. He gives me open research topics that have dried up for myself as of late. Thanks for the links. I am using them now.

HMM ..

Zacharia sitchin's "translations" weren't really translations at all. Michael Heiser actually is a scholar of ancient semitic languages and shows Sitchin is pulling that shit out his anus.
and of course the obligatory chris white offering on the topic which also covers Sitchin with input from Michael Heiser
making a cult out it... wow......

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