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Asteroid Video Footage of Strike Above South Africa (2018)

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Asteroid Video Footage of Strike Above South Africa (2018) Asteroid hits Earth just hours after Nasa's 'Planetary Defence' shield detected it with Joseph P. Farrell Mr. E.O. spotted this article and sent it along, and I think it's one of those very important under-the-radar sorts of stories (literally!) comment: We really need a world government now to protect us from these evil asteroids. LOL! Jospeh P Farrell will explain to you what this probable false flag is all about. Creating a fake asteroid impact with their secret space technology is a piece of cake for them. Just drop a kinetic weapon from an antigravity craft, it's that easy. The fools on planet Earth will believe what they want to believe, and see what they want to see. Without doubt in the near future we will witness a statistically highly unusual accumulation of such events. Compare it to those staged mkultra school shootings. The sheeple are just wax in the hands of the global controllers. When NASA is involved in it, it can only be a fake. NASA: "Never A Sincere Action". Problem, reaction, solution. I'm sure the Antichrist is going to protect us;-) These fake asteroids will make people turn their heads skywards, and their minds too, making their worldview more cosmic, ready for the fake alien invasion. Now we really do need a world government, so the elites can save us from... - the elites. tags: asteroid, false flag, Joseph P Farrell, deception, meteorite, Africa, NASA, shield, planetary defence, world government
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