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Marksmanship and Sniping - Training and Manuals [pack]

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Marksmanship and Sniping - Training and Manuals [pack] "When the Serbs failed in their attempt to overrun the neighborhood, they switched tactics to what they called "Fry the Brain," a terror campaign meant to drive residents out. The Serbs shelled the area day and night, ringing the neighborhood with snipers, who killed everything they saw, especially women and children. They thought that killing kids would make the women, and ultimately the men, take flight." - John Falk, Fry The Brain Resistance movements of all shades and stripes have employed the guerrilla sniper, from black pyjama-clad Viet Cong fighters to the ragtag Somali militias in war-torn Mogadishu. From the perspective of the guerrilla, it is only natural. What better way to bloody a superior force than with an elusive shooter who takes a single shot and then melts away as quickly as they appear? The lone shooter is the hallmark of modern urban guerrilla warfare. While the world's many resistance movements employ a variety of tactics like car bomb attacks, IED ambushes, and martyr operations, they all employ a universal weapon - the guerrilla sniper. However, resistance movements have achieved different levels of sniping success. For instance, the German Werwolf resistance movement of World War II employed guerrilla snipers to harass allied occupation forces. However, these German guerrillas were unable to build a mass support base and therefore never successfully blended in with the civilian population. In contrast, other movements like the Irish Republican Army, The Palestinian Liberation Organization, and the Iraqi Insurgency developed effective sniper corps that survived the test of time and the scrutiny of enemy security forces. Fry The Brain peers into this murky world of urban guerrilla sniping to understand this little known or appreciated discipline. In doing so, Fry The Brain strives to educate the reader on all aspects of urban guerrilla sniping, from training and equipping the guerrilla sniper to actual world's recent urban battle zones. The trained urban guerrilla sniper can be a formidable foe that exacts a fearsome toll from the unprepared Truly, one must understand their enemy in order to defeat them. Taken in that vein, one could say this work, ultimately, is a counter-sniper manual. However, Fry The Brain is more than that. While Fry The Brain discusses in extreme detail how guerrilla snipers operate, the basic methodology they employ is the same as used by other elements of a guerrilla movement, like Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and suicide bomber cells. If one understands how a sniper cell works, one also understands how the other components of the guerrilla machinery work. Importantly, Fry The Brain is a study of modern urban guerrilla warfare. As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, so will the world's never ending cycle of conflicts that are exhibited in the form of insurgencies, terrorism, and guerrilla warfare. There is something in Fry The Brain for a variety of readers, from sniping fanatics and guerrilla warfare experts to casual readers and military history buffs. I have tried to entertain while educating, which is always a difficult task. In the end, I am confident the reader will come away with a richer understanding of the subject when they turn the final page. videos Improvised Suppressors, Secrets of Silencing Firearms - Aqilifer Publications.wmv WW2 German Sniper Training Videos (English subtitles).avi ebooks Muzzle Mounts Coupler for Attaching a Suppressor to a Firearm Flash Hider - US Patent 5773746.pdf Device for Affixing a Muzzle Brake to a Weapon Barrel - US Patent 6450079.pdf Multifunctional Firearm Muzzle Attachments - US Patent 6595099.pdf Muzzle Accessory Mount, Small Firearm - US Patent - 6,619,179.pdf Retainer for Securing a Silencer on Barrel of Handgun - US Patent 6412389.pdf Silencer Threadless Connector - US Patent 3698747.pdf Silencer, Means for Attaching to Portable Silencers - US Patent 4479418.pdf Silencer, Methods and Apparatus for Attaching - 6,701,820.pdf Sound Suppressor Attaching Device for Guns - US Patent 4510843.pdf Patents Choke Compensator Adapter for Metal-Plastic Firearm Barrel - US Patent 2932915.pdf Compensator - US Patent 2451514.pdf Firearm and Ammunition Therefor - US Patent 1487214.pdf Firearm with Detachable Silencer - US Patent 4576084.pdf Flash Hider - US Patent 1487312.pdf Flash Hider for Machine Guns - US Patent 2468926.pdf Muzzle Blast Suppressor - US Patent 3776093.pdf Muzzle Brake - US Patent 5036747.pdf Muzzle Brake - US Patent 6425310.pdf Muzzle Brake - US Patent 6516698.pdf Muzzle Brake Barrel - US Patent 832695.pdf Muzzle Brake, Contra-Jet - US Patent 3187633.pdf Muzzle Equalizer and Flash Minimizer - US Patent 2953972.pdf Shotgun Silencer - US Patent 6374718.pdf Silenced Firearm with Rotating Tube and Sleeve - US Patent 4501189.pdf Silencer - US Patent 916885.pdf Silencer - US Patent 958934.pdf Silencer - US Patent 1004665.pdf Silencer - US Patent 1017003.pdf Silencer - US Patent 1021742.pdf Silencer - US Patent 1066898.pdf Silencer - US Patent 1111202.pdf Silencer - US Patent 1140578.pdf Silencer - US Patent 1173687.pdf Silencer - US Patent 1259251.pdf Silencer - US Patent 2375617.pdf Silencer - US Patent 2442773.pdf Silencer - US Patent 2448382.pdf Silencer - US Patent 2868078.pdf Silencer - US Patent 3380344.pdf Silencer - US Patent 3483794.pdf Silencer - US Patent 3667570.pdf Silencer - US Patent 3677132.pdf Silencer - US Patent 3710679.pdf Silencer - US Patent 3713362.pdf Silencer - US Patent 3748956.pdf Silencer - US Patent 3786895.pdf Silencer - US Patent 3913703.pdf Silencer - US Patent 3948348.pdf Silencer - US Patent 3952629.pdf Silencer - US Patent 4291610.pdf Silencer - US Patent 4341283.pdf Silencer - US Patent 4392412.pdf Silencer - US Patent 4482027.pdf Silencer - US Patent 4530417.pdf Silencer - US Patent 4576083.pdf Silencer - US Patent 4584924.pdf Silencer - US Patent 4588043.pdf Silencer - US Patent 4643073.pdf Silencer - US Patent 4649798.pdf Silencer - US Patent 4907488.pdf Silencer - US Patent 4939977.pdf Silencer - US Patent 4974489.pdf Silencer - US Patent 5029512.pdf Silencer - US Patent 5033356.pdf Silencer - US Patent 5078043.pdf Silencer - US Patent 5136924.pdf Silencer - US Patent 5164535.pdf Silencer - US Patent 5315914.pdf Silencer - US Patent 5355765.pdf Silencer - US Patent 5461962.pdf Silencer - US Patent 5679916.pdf Silencer - US Patent 6079311.pdf Silencer - US Patent 6302009.pdf Silencer - US Patent 6308609.pdf Silencer - US Patent 6796214.pdf Silencer - US Patent 6826995.pdf Silencer - US Patent 6880444.pdf Silencer - US Patent 6899008.pdf Silencer - US Patent D415812.pdf Silencer - US Patent D415813.pdf Silencer and Flash Attenuator - US Patent 5136923.pdf Silencer and Flash Eliminator - US Patent 2514996.pdf Silencer and Flash Obscurer - US Patent 1341363.pdf Silencer and Recoil Reducer - US Patent 1229675.pdf Silencer for Automatic Weapons - US Patent 1773443.pdf Silencer for Large Caliber - US Patent 5398589.pdf Silencer for Large Caliber - US Patent 5610360.pdf Silencer for Large Caliber - US Patent 5686688.pdf Silencer for Large Caliber - US Patent 6658983.pdf Silencer for Rifles - US Patent 4869151.pdf Silencer for Rocket Launcher - US Patent 4426909.pdf Silencer for Saboted Projectiles - US Patent 4928573.pdf Silencer with Laser Module - US Patent 5425299.pdf Silencer, Adjustable - US Patent 4384507.pdf Silencer, Flash Cover, and Recoil Check - US Patent 1427802.pdf Silencer, Fluidic - US Patent 4920854.pdf Silencer, Foam-Filled - US Patent 4454798.pdf Silencer, Helical - US Patent 3500955.pdf Silencer, Including Side Branch Chamber - US Patent 2503491.pdf Silencer, Omega - US Patent 6575074.pdf Silent Firearm - US Patent 3399597.pdf Stabilizer for Guns - US Patent 2101848.pdf Suppressor Patent No US04530417.pdf Tube Barrel Weapon - US Patent 6575266.pdf Snipers & Silencers 22LR Home Made Silencer.pdf 223 silencer design.pdf Combat Training with Pistols & Revolvers FM23-35.pdf Department of the Army - Silencers, Principles and Evaluations.pdf Expedient .22 w Silencer.pdf Firearm Silencers - Nolan Wilson - Desert Publications.pdf Firearms - Tornado Tube Silencer.pdf Firearms - Wilson, Nolan - The Silencer Cookbook - .22 Rimfire Silencers.pdf Home Workshop Mini-14 Silencers.pdf How to Make Disposable Silencers, A Complete Guide - J Flores.pdf Improvised Slam Bang Shotgun.pdf John West - Fry the Brain, The Art of Urban Sniping.pdf M16 Silencers.pdf MAC10 Suppressor.pdf Maxim.pdf Modern Firearm Silencers - J David Truby.pdf More Workbench Silencers - George Hollenback - Paladin Press.pdf Quick and Dirty Homemade Silencers - Hayduke.pdf Scouting, Patrolling & Sniping.pdf Silencers from the Home Workshop - Bill Holmes.pdf Silencers Patterns and Principles Vol 2.pdf Silencers Quick & Dirty - George Hayduke - Paladin Press.pdf Silent but Deadly, More Homemade Silencers - George Hayduke - Paladin Press.pdf Sniper Training & Employment TC 23-14.pdf Sniper Training USAIS.pdf The Silencer Cookbook - 22 Rimfire Silencers.pdf US Army International Marksmanship Guide.pdf US Army Special Ops Sniper Training & Employment.pdf USMC Scout Sniper.pdf USMC Sniping.pdf Workbench Silencers - George Hollenback - Paladin Press.pdf Zipguns, Pipe Guns and Silencers.pdf tags: marksman, sniper, guns, rifles, suppressors, silencers, militia, self-defense, survival, guerrilla
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