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Raymond (Leo) Armin

OPAL FREQUENCIES - (Executive Alignment Manual) - World In Response - No.2

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Commentary 7-7

Taking A Position

"That human life is a creation development in
process, and that the human is self assembling,
self discounting (limiting), or self expendable."

It is strongly advised that those wishing to engage in this work,
which is genuinely esoteric in nature, familiarize themselves with
the previous two years of material, directly connected
to this current process.

The Eminent Way Direction Series - (1976) - Raymond (Leo) Armin

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This Torrent contains a collection of seven audio commentaries recorded by Raymond (Leo) Armin in 1976
in addition to, "The Eminent Way, Direction Series, PDF, upon which the recorded commentaries are based.
Despite this esoteric material having been conceived nearly forty years ago, because of its genuinely esoteric connections,
combined with these occult philosophical notions never having appeared before, (or since) up until that point in 1976...
One will discover that the present day circumstances of the prevailing human condition


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