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Oregon decision


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10-24 MONDAY Jonathan Emord The Stunning Magnitude Of Clinton Crimes Prof James Fetzer Campaign Status Live From Donetsk Free Ukraine Russell 'Texas' Bentley War Imminent? 10-25 TUESDAY Tim Rifat A World Full Of Satanic Darkness Brian Twede You Better Get ReadyàNOW Frosty Wooldridge Obama Bringing In 500 Illegals A Day 10-26 WEDNESDAY Dr. Leonard Coldwell The Horrible Death Of Europe Harry Cooper Southern Patrol Photo Trip , Part 2 10-27 THURSDAY Devvy Kidd Is Everything Rigged? James Fetzer Nearing The End Of The Line Patricia Doyle, PhD The Muslim Invasion Of America 10-28 FRIDAY Dean Henderson (Left Hook) Deb Jordan Wildlife Preserve Protesters Acquitted In Oregon John Barbour Never A Dull Moment

The circus continues as the world spins out of control.

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