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Disguised in Deception (3rdEd, 2013)

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Find out what is making you sick!

Without knowing it, everyone is bombarded with harmful chemicals every single day. The food and vaccine industries make claims about their safety yet considerable evidence shows otherwise. Take back your health today and learn the truth that others are seeking.

Hacking the Code of Life: How Gene Editing Will Rewrite Our Futures (2019) [audiobook+ebook]

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Just 45 years ago, the age of gene modification was born. Researchers could create glow-in-the-dark mice, farmyard animals producing drugs in their milk, and vitamin-enhanced rice that could prevent half a million people going blind every year.

CBC Docs POV s02e17 Modified: A Food Lover's Journey Into GMOs

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A personal and poignant mother-daughter investigative journey that questions why Canada doesn't label genetically modified foods.

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