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The Neuro Revolution and Transhuman Singularity videos ebooks pack

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The Neuro Revolution and Transhuman Singularity video pack Neurotechnology - brain imaging and other new tools for both understanding and influencing our brains - is accelerating the pace of change almost everywhere, from financial markets to law enforcement to politics to advertising and marketing, artistic expression, warfare, and even religious belief. The Neuro Revolution introduces you to the brilliant people leading this worldwide transformation for a unique insider’s glimpse into the startling future now appearing at our doorstep. From foolproof lie detectors to sure-fire investment strategies to super-enhanced religious and aesthetic experiences, the insights and revelations within The Neuro Revolution will foster wonder, debate, and in some cases consternation. Above all, though, they need to be understood by those who will be most affected - all of us. videos: Amybeth Quinn - Did You Know.mp4 Anders Sandberg - The Ethics of Uploading.mp4 Anders Sandberg at Singularity Summit 2009 - Technical Roadmap for Whole Brain Emulation.mp4 Barrie Trower - 30 Minute Reality Update.mp4 Big Think - Ray Kurzweil The Coming Singularity.mp4 From a Kick to a Bang - Putting Together the Big Brain Theory.mp4 GoogleTechTalks - The Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience of Categorization.mp4 GoogleTechTalks - The Next Generation of Neural Networks.mp4 IBM Research Seeks to Build the Computer of the Future Based on Insights from the Brain.mp4 Microwave Warfare - Barrie Trower.mp4 Mind Wars - Conversations from Penn State.mp4 Presidential Bioethics Commission.mp4 Stanford - Googling the Brain on a Chip (Kwabena Boahen, Stanford University).mp4 TED - Henry Markram, A Brain in a Supercomputer.mp4 TED - Kwabena Boahen, Making a Computer that Works Like the Brain.mp4 TED - Ray Kurzweil, The accelerating Power of Technology.mp4 The Neuro Revolution.mp4 University of California - Mind Wars, Brain Research and National Defense.mp4 video specs: total running time 08 hrs 18 min 51 sec ebooks: Approaching Singularity.pdf Are You a Transhuman.pdf Bleeding Chrome.pdf Brain Development.pdf Brain.pdf Cognitive Neuroscience of Human Systems, 2014.pdf Cognitive Neuroscience.pdf Critical Art Ensemble - Flesh Machine.pdf Cyberpunk and Cyberculture, Science Fiction and the Work.pdf David Sereda - Singularity.pdf Death of the Posthuman by Claire Colebrook.pdf Evolution and the Future.pdf Future Internet.pdf Game of Life, Timothy Leary.pdf H Magazine, Volume 1.pdf Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience.pdf Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, February 1980.pdf John C Lilly - Tanks for the Memories, Floatation Tank Talks.pdf John C Lilly - The Scientist, A Metaphysical Autobiography.pdf Jussi Parikka - Insect Media, An Archaeology of Animals and Technology Posthumanities, 2010.pdf Laruelle - Future Christ.pdf Neil Badmington - Alien Chic Posthumanism and the Book.pdf Oxford the Synaptic Organization of the Brain, 2003.pdf PGB Uncanny Vernal Equinox 2012.pdf Practicing Science Fiction.pdf Return to the Future.pdf Surreal Grotesque, The Cyberpunk Issue.pdf Tech Gnosis.pdf The Art of Changing the Brain.pdf The Future of the Brain - Rose, Steven.pdf The Matrix in Theory.pdf The Philosophy of Science Fiction Film.pdf The Posthuman Condition.pdf The Transhumanism Pandemic by Aaron McCollum.pdf Transhumanism and Transcendence, 2011.pdf tags: neuro, singularity, antichrist, surveillance, transhuman, ethics, brain, computer, mind, nwo

The Neuro Revolution and Transhuman Singularity videos ebooks pack

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