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The Confession of The Fallen Angel by Theyann PentaGram

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How does the Fallen Angel seduces mankind on doing bad things? Can he be resisted and how? You will get the answer to these and many other questions in this valuable book.

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Manuals on Demonology and Exorcism ebooks audio-books

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Manuals on Demonology and Exorcism ebooks audio-books Now with new and improved female computer voice Interview with an Exorcist In today’s culture of scientific enlightenment, many consider belief in demonic possession and exorcism to be superstitious remnants of the Dark Ages. Even many Christians, contrary to the clear words of Jesus in the Gospel, scoff at the notion that the Devil and demons really exist. Is demonic possession real? Are believers really in any danger from Satan and his crafty minions? What is the truth about exorcism? This book has these answers, and much more! 100 questions and answers! Demonology - Possession, Exorcism and the Kingdom of Darkness by Dr. Carson Michael This book describes the different demons mentioned in the Bible from a Christian perspective combined with a psychological perspective as well. It explains what specific demons do, and it discusses the concepts of ghosts and departed spirits in relation to demons. In addition, how satan and his kingdom are organized is explained. There is a specific focus of supernatural activities, like seances, magic, and divination, and what is allowed and forbidden by God. It all started with Solomon and the history of Solomon's influence is revealed. The author is a PhD psychologist and expert in demonology. He also has an ebook published on dream interpretation: Christian Handbook on Dream Interpretation. A Manual on Exorcism by H A Maxwell Whyte Freedom from evil spirits is one of the blessings purchased for us at Calvary by the Lord Jesus. H. A. Maxwell Whyte discusses forty-five questions about demons and how they can be defeated. He provides clear, helpful explanations that will make sense to anyone searching for the truth about demons and exorcism. Table Of Contents Question 1 What is a demon? Demons are wicked spirits The word "demon" comes from the Greek daimon, which means "an evil spirit." "Daimon," in turn, comes from a root which means "a shadow." Satan, the supreme commander of gill demons, sends these evil spirits upon people and they bring shadows- darkness over the spirit of man. Anyone who cannot believe in spirits will certainly have trouble accepting the biblical teaching about God. Right from the beginning of Genesis, we find that there am personal spirits. First, the Spirit of God Himself moved upon the face of the waters (Genesis 1:2). The same Spirit was breathed into lifeless Adam, and he become a living soul (Genesis 2:7). These, and Many other references to the Spirit (or breath) of God, obviously refer to a personal Being. And if the Spirit of God is a personal Being, then so are all other spirits. It might surprise some to know that demons are actually fallen angels. Revelation 12:4-9 teaches us that one third of all the angels were expelled from heaven because of the original rebellion of Satan against Jesus Christ. These angels joined with Satan in his rebellion, and were cast out into the earth as disembodied demons. And they are still here - whether we believe in them or not! The Children's Bread A Believer's Guide to Exorcism by Rev Ruth Cornforth Rose The main part of this book will deal with the causes and effects of demon influence on the born again Christian. The scriptures teach us that healing and deliverance is for the saved, and was called by Jesus. (Matthew 15:21-28, Mark 7:24-30.) We will also delve into the process that the Holy Spirit has taught us to use during a deliverance, of course each deliverance is different, as each person is different. Some of the case histories of people that we have dealt with will be discussed, these will include drug addiction, homosexuality, suicide, witchcraft, and perversions. Many of the cases we have dealt with from the late 1960's to now have been drug addicts using everything imaginable; marijuana, heroin, cocain, LSD, THC, PCP, mushrooms, glue, and about any-things else that is capable of giving them a high. We have found that a drug addict that is sincere in wanting help is an easy person to work with. MP3 specs: Mac computer voice Tessa South Africa, MP3, 64kbps Interview with an Exorcist.mp3 A Manual on Exorcism.mp3 Demonology.mp3 The Children's Bread A Believer's Guide to Exorcism.mp3 PDF A Manual on Exorcism by H A Maxwell Whyte.pdf Bruce Kapferer A Celebration of Demons, Exorcism.pdf Demonology _ Possession, Exorcism and the Kingdom of Darkness.pdf Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology.pdf Interview with an Exorcist.pdf Rituale Romanum, Roman Ritual.pdf The Children's Bread A Believer's Guide to Exorcism _ text.pdf The Children's Bread A Believer's Guide to Exorcism Rev Ruth Cornforth Rose.pdf TXT A Manual on Exorcism _ edited.txt Demonology _ Possession, Exorcism and the Kingdom of Darkness _ edited.txt Interview with an Exorcist _ edited.txt The Children's Bread A Believer's Guide to Exorcism _ edited.txt tags: demons, exorcism, demonology, occult, spiritual, esoteric, Christ, Satan, Lucifer

Joshua Immanuel The Christ by Daskalos (2001)

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Joshua Immanuel The Christ by Daskalos (2001) Joshua Immanuel The Christ His Life on Earth and His Teaching by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis aka Daskalos "I am filled with joy that two thousand years after the events happened in Palestine my father's account of the life and teachings of Joshua Immanuel, the Christ, is published. My father taught me at an early age that true friendship is precious and rare. I am very privileged to be able to say that I have a number of good friends. Not least among them are Eliane and Rudolf Stauch who have spared no effort to ensure that the book is true to my father's intentions. I wish to thank them for the time spent in the preparation of this book. I am very glad that Dominik Stauch agreed again to do the layout. His touch gives a book a special quality. I extend to him my sincere thanks." Panayiota Th. Atteshli comment: I'm pretty fed up with all the crap being published about Jesus Christ these days. Both the Luciferans and Christians are propagating lots of nonsense about his life, either out of negative intentions or out of sheer ignorance. This isn't about being or becoming a Christian, this is about knowing the truth. Even hardcore satanists should know the true story of Jesus Christ, not the lies being spread by the Pagan Roman Catholic Church. This is the final and last word about the life of Jesus Christ IMHO. By the way, there's lots of occult stuff in this book. This isn't your standard idiotic Christian story-book. Daskalos was a hardcore occult magician with amazing powers, and he was a saint too. For example he was able to convert one kind of metal into another type of metal, merely by touching it. This is the inside story of Jesus Christ and his life from an occult perspective. Never forget that God is the supreme magician. And no, you're not God. You'll have to spiritually die in order to find God. Egomania and pride are massive obstacles to any spiritual progress. "Absolute Infinite Authority is the Logos, and the Logos is in God and the Logos is God. He is in Absolute Authority in God. All things were made through Him and without Him nothing was made that was made." audio: Joshua Immanuel The Christ by Daskalos.mp3 specs: Mac computer voice Daniel UK, MP3 64 kbps, run time 11 hrs 36 min 49 sec text: Daskalos - Joshua Immanuel The Christ.pdf Daskalos - Joshua Immanuel The Christ.txt tags: spiritual, religion, Christian, Daskalos, God, biography, Jesus, Christ, magic, occult
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