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Campaign 2016


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08-22 MONDAY Dr Tarek Farag Islam Means The Death Of America Part 2 Yoichi Shimatsu & Dana Durnford Fukushima Radiation & Extinction Update 08-23 TUESDAY Terrible Tim Rifat Europe Dying Jordan Maxwell The Plan For The World Nancy Neeter America In Crisis 08-24 WEDNESDAY Charles Brandt Jimmy Hoffa's Murder Solved Kevin Collins Dirty, Vile History Of The Democrat Party Prof James Fetzer Islamic War On America 08-25 THURSDAY Devvy Kidd America At The End Of The Line Prof James Fetzer (No Show) Hillary's Hell Approaches Jim Marrs The View From Marrs 08-26 FRIDAY Dean Henderson The Left Betrayed Former Secret Service Agent John Carman How The S/S Works To Protect Candidates John Barbour Real People, Real John
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