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US Air Force Historic Aircraft Jet and Aviation Films ebooks

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US Air Force Historic Aircraft Jet and Aviation Films ebooks THE U.S. AIR FORCE IN VIETNAM 1966 "AIR POWER IN ACTION" 71232 Created in 1966 "Air Power in Action" presents an overview of U.S. Air Force activities in South East Asia showcases the various aircraft deployed in fighting the North Vietnamese. These include air strike, close air support, transport, reconnaissance, artillery spotting, rescue and tactical aircraft. Lt. General Joseph H. Moore is shown planning operations intended to restrict Viet Cong supply. Naval aircraft are also shown in the conflict include A-1H Skyraiders. Air Force pilots are shown in C-123 "Providers" delivering supplies to civilians including chickens and rice. B-52s make heavy bomb strikes against the North while F-4 Phantoms and their recon variants provide timely data on enemy movements. Defoliation / deforestation is also shown, with Agent Orange being sprayed on the jungle in an attempt to reveal enemy strongholds and prevent easy movement of Viet Cong forces. Lieutenant General Joseph H. Moore was known for his role as commander of the USAF 2nd Air Division and Seventh Air Force during part the Vietnam War, and in particular, his leadership role in Operation Rolling Thunder. The film boldly states that "today's wars are being fought in three dimensions, and whoever proves his superiority in the air will prevail in all dimensions." Unfortunately this simply was not the case -- despite the complete air dominance and interdiction demonstrated in this film, the Air Force could not win the war from the skies alone. The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress - 1944 Documentary, Boeing B-17 21100 HD The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress is a 1944 documentary film which ostensibly provides an account of the final mission of the crew of the Memphis Belle, a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. In May 1943 it became the first U.S. Army Air Forces heavy bomber to complete 25 missions over Europe and return to the United States. The dramatic 16 mm color film of actual battles was made by cinematographer First Lieutenant Harold J. Tannenbaum. The film was directed by Major William Wyler, narrated by Eugene Kern, and had scenes at its Bassingbourn base photographed by Hollywood cinematographer Captain William H. Clothier. It was made under the auspices of the First Motion Picture Unit, a branch of the United States Army Air Forces. The film actually depicted the next to last mission of the crew on May 15, 1943, and was made as a morale-building inspiration for the Home Front by showing the everyday courage of the men who manned these bombers. China Crisis Flying Tigers / 14th Air Force - WWII P-40 Warhawks 21870 HD Created during WWII, this propaganda film shows the activities of the American Volunteer Force (AVG) Flying Tigers and their P-40 Warhawks. After Pearl Harbor this group was incorporated into the new 14th Air Force, and their C.O., Claire Chennault, was put in command. This is story of the 14th Air Force in action, including P-40 gun camera footage, the epic airlift over "The Hump, and a rare look at air operations in China. The Fourteenth Air Force (14 AF) was established by the special order of President Roosevelt on 10 March 1943. Chennault was appointed the commander and promoted to Major General. The "Flying Tigers" of 14 AF (who adopted the "Flying Tigers" designation from the AVG) conducted highly effective fighter and bomber operations along a wide front that stretched from the bend of the Yellow River and Tsinan in the north to Indochina in the south, from Chengtu and the Salween River in the west to both East and South China Seas and the island of Formosa in the east. They were also instrumental in supplying Chinese forces through the airlift of cargo across "The Hump" in the China-Burma-India theater. By the end of World War II, 14 AF had achieved air superiority over the skies of China and established a ratio of 7.7 enemy planes destroyed for every American plane lost in combat. Overall, military officials estimated that over 4,000 Japanese planes were destroyed or damaged in the China-Burma-India theater during World War II. In addition, they estimated that air units in China destroyed 1,100,000 tons of shipping, 1,079 locomotives, 4,836 trucks and 580 bridges. The United States Army Air Corps credits 14 AF with the destruction of 2,315 Japanese aircraft, 356 bridges, 1,225 locomotives and 712 railroad cars. ebooks A Need to Know, Air Force Recon History.pdf Air Force Cold War History.pdf Air Force Flight Test History.pdf Air Force History.pdf Aircraft of the Second World War, The Development of the Warplane 1939-45.pdf Aviation, The Luftwaffe, Fighters Bombers of the German Air-Force.pdf Bill Gunston - An Illustrated Guide to Spy Planes and Electronic Warfare Aircraft, 1983.pdf Bill Rose - Secret Projects.pdf Japanese Secret Projects, Experimental Aircraft 1939-1945.pdf Luftwaffe, Secret Projects, Strategic Bombers 1935-45.pdf Soviet Air Power.pdf Tony Buttler - British Secret Projects, Hypersonics, Ramjets and Missiles.pdf WWII Campaign, Charts, Maps.pdf videos 1943 WWII DRONE AIRCRAFT TDN-1 TORPEDO DRONE USS SABLE, UCAV 27430 (480p).mp4 1950s AVIATION SPECTACULAR SONG OF THE CLOUDS SHELL OIL COMPANY 71892 (480p).mp4 1953 U.S. NAVY WINGOVERS AND CHANDELLES FLIGHT TRAINING FILM 77234 (480p).mp4 84710b HD Misc Aviation Films 18fps (480p).mp4 A-10 CAPABILITIES AND SORTIE SURGE - A 10 Warthog , Thunderbolt , Air Force 23370 (480p).mp4 Aerial Stunt Men Daredevils of the Skies! - Stuntmen Stunt Pilots & Barnstormers 22840 HD (480p).mp4 AIR DEFENSE COMMAND USAF NIKE MISSILE - Project Nike , Nike Ajax , Nike Hercules 20100 (480p).mp4 AIR FORCE MISSIONS FOR THE BOEING VERTOL 107 HELICOPTER CH-46 SEA KNIGHT 27154 (480p).mp4 Air Maniacs - with Vince Barnett and Frank Clarke 22850 HD (480p).mp4 AIRLIFT TO VIETNAM PRESENTED BY AMERICAN AIRLINES 26584 (480p).mp4 AIRPLANES APPROACHING THE SPEED OF SOUND SHELL EDUCATIONAL FILM 74842 (480p).mp4 B-29 FLIGHT PROCEDURE AND COMBAT CREW FUNCTIONING 84410 (480p).mp4 B-58 HUSTLER SUPERSONIC BOMBER EJECTION POD DEVELOPMENT ESCAPE AND SURVIVE 71472 (480p).mp4 B52 GUAM TO NAM MOS - Operation Arc Light 21790 (480p).mp4 BOEING 377 STRATOCRUISER AIRCRAFT -- TOMORROWS AIRPLANE TODAY 70942 (480p).mp4 Bombing of Pearl Harbor - Ford Island, USS Shaw, USS Utah, USS Arizona 21110e HD (480p).mp4 BUILDING THE B-24 BOMBER DURING WWII STORY OF WILLOW RUN 74182 (480p).mp4 CHARLES LINDBERGH NEWSREELS TRANS-ATLANTIC FLIGHT 23534a (480p).mp4 China Crisis Flying Tigers 14th Air Force - WWII P-40 Warhawks 21870 HD (480p).mp4 D-DAY JUNE 6, 1944 NEWSREEL NORMANDY LANDINGS by OFFICIAL FILMS 8472 (480p).mp4 De HAVILLAND HYDROMATIC AIRSCREW PROPELLER AIRCRAFT BRITISH EDUCATIONAL FILM 75764 (480p).mp4 DELTA AIRLINES CONVAIR 880 JET AIRCRAFT 1960s PROMOTIONAL FILM 78564 (480p).mp4 DEVELOPMENT OF JET ASSIST TAKEOFF SYSTEMS FOR B-29 AIRCRAFT 24772 (480p).mp4 EARLY AVIATION FOOTAGE - FLYING MACHINES, BARNSTORMERS, STUNT PILOTS 72722 (480p).mp4 FIFTEENTH AIR FORCE RAIDS PLOIESTI OIL FIELDS AIR SEIGE 3445 (480p).mp4 FIRST B-29 RAID ON JAPAN TARGET TOKYO 1945 3446 (480p).mp4 FLIGHT CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DOUGLAS A-20 HAVOC LIGHT BOMBER 33024 (480p).mp4 GRAF ZEPPELIN DIRIGIBLE 1928 TRANS-ATLANTIC FLIGHT 27742 (480p).mp4 HILARIOUS EARLY EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT U.S. ARMY AIR CORPS 84430 HD (480p).mp4 HOW JET & ROCKET ENGINES WORK REACTION ENGINES PULSE JET 74692 (480p).mp4 HOW TO LOAD BOMBS ABOARD AIRPLANES ARMY AIR FORCE TRAINING FILM 1941 25082 (480p).mp4 HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY INTERCEPTOR AIRPLANE & MISSILE FILM SEEK FIND AND KILL! 23324 (480p).mp4 MESSERSCHMIDT BF-108 TAIFUN AIRPLANE FACTORY BAVARIA GERMANY 74532 (480p).mp4 Mission Accomplished - The Story of the Flying Fortress B-17 40100 HD (480p).mp4 NORTHROP AIRCRAFT YB-49 FLYING WING PROMOTIONAL FILM 8245 (480p).mp4 NORTHROP F-20 TIGERSHARK SALES FILM F-16 RIVAL 77364 (480p).mp4 NORTHROP GRUMMAN AIR SHOW RHINEBECK NEW YORK 74652 (480p).mp4 NORTHWEST ORIENT AIRLINES 1950s ASIA TRAVELOGUE High Road to the Orient 24870 HD (480p).mp4 OFFICIAL FILMS NEWSREEL 1942 Vol. 2 FLYING TIGERS, BATTLE OF MIDWAY 8473 (480p).mp4 OFFICIAL FILMS NEWSREEL 1942 VOL. 3 GUADALCANAL, DIEPPE RAID 8472 (480p).mp4 OPERATION BLUE NOSE STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND B-52s & HOUND DOG CRUISE MISSILE 3441 (480p).mp4 Pioneer Planes, Pilots and Daredevils 22870 HD (480p).mp4 Skyline New York - Trans World Airlines , Travelogue 26610 HD (480p).mp4 SPECTACULAR AIRPLANE DISASTER & CRASH MOVIE YOU GOTTA EXPECT LOSSES 89544 (480p).mp4 SPERRY GYROSCOPE COMPANY 50 YEAR ANNIVERSARY FILM 42824 (480p).mp4 THE A4 SKYHAWK 80340 (480p).mp4 The Battle of Midway - Color 1942, John Ford, Henry Fonda, 16mm 21340 HD (480p).mp4 THE GAS TURBINE ENGINE JET ENGINE SHELL OIL COMPANY FILM 74782 (480p).mp4 The Memphis Belle A Story of a Flying Fortress - 1944 Documentary, Boeing B-17 21100 HD (480p).mp4 Then and Now - Progress of Transportation, Steam Trains, Planes, Cars 31040 HD (480p).mp4 THIS IS LAKEHURST - U.S. Navy Blimp and Airships , Naval Training 3388 (480p).mp4 U.S. NAVY THE GREAT FLIGHT OF THE NC-4 FLYING BOAT 25464 (480p).mp4 U.S. NAVY WWII BASIC FLIGHT INSTRUCTION FILM BEFORE YOU FLY 3494 (480p).mp4 U.S. NAVY WWII BASIC FLIGHT INSTRUCTION FILM FLYING SENSE 3493 (480p).mp4 UNITED AIRLINES 1950s HAWAII TRAVELOGUE DC-7 MAINLINER 74852 (480p).mp4 UNITED AIRLINES DC-8 AIRPLANE TRIP BY JET 78924 (480p).mp4 USE OF GLASS & FIBERGLASS IN BOEING AIRPLANE DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION 75182 (480p).mp4 V-1 THE ROBOT BOMB - V 1 Bomb, Buzz Bomb , Doodlebug , Predecessor to Cruise Missile 20570 (480p).mp4 WINNING YOUR WINGS (1942) - James Stewart , John Huston , WWII , Air Force 21810 (480p).mp4 WORLD WAR II AERIAL NAVIGATION - AIRWAYS FLYING FILM 71282 (480p).mp4 WWII NAVY PILOT TRAINING FILM ABOUT OXYGEN FLY HIGH AND LIVE 71072 (480p).mp4 WWII WEEKLY DIGEST JAPANESE FIRE BALLOONS HELICOPTERS IN CHINA ATOMIC BOMB 43694a (480p).mp4 Yanks Smash Truk - Operation Hailstone, Truk, World War II Stock Footage 21320b HD (480p).mp4 tags: jets, air force, planes, history, WWII, aviation, aircraft, cold war, bombers
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