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09-12 MONDAY Jonathan Emord Hillary's Health And Her Bigotry James Fetzer Where Is Hillary? Yoichi Shimatsu - Dana Durnford Fukushima Report 09-13 TUESDAY James Fetzer The Clinton Crisis - Update Tim RifaT Muslim Hordes And Rape Gang Crush Europe Hour 3 - Encore 09-14 WEDNESDAY Jay Weidner America Hangs By A Thread Dick Allgire & Courtney Brown Remote Viewing Update Jim Marrs The View From Marrs With Special Guest Fernando Faura 'The Pink Polka Dot File On The RFK Assassination' 09-15 THURSDAY Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD Zika Spreading Fast Fernando Faura & Jim Marrs The RFK Assassination 'The Pink Polka Dot File On The RFK Assassination' Prof James Fetzer What Is Going On With Hillary? 09-16 FRIDAY Harry Cooper Another Stroll Through History Photos Hitler's Estate Patrols Mystery Man David John Oates New Hillary Speech Reversals (Lies)
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