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A.D., After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth about Alien Contact

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Listening Length: 11 hours and 13 minutes
Version: Unabridged, Chapterized Audiobook
12 MP3s @ 64 Kbps, 22 kHz, Mono
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Release Date: August 11, 2014

Dreamland Year-End Special: Two Prominent Scientists Describe Their Close Encounters

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This year, Dreamland’s annual year-end special presents interviews with Dr. Ed Belbruno and Deep Prasad discussing their close encounter experiences and the effect they have had on their lives and work. It marks the first time that a close encounter witness has interviewed scientists about their own close encounter experiences.

Linda Moulton-Howe - Military Whistleblower Revelations About UFOs and An Alien Presence

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Video Duration: 01:24:15
Released: 2018-05-01
By: International UFO Congress


Nick Pope - Indistinguishable from Magic (2019)

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Indistinguishable from Magic (2019)
1h 20min | Documentary |

Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World's Greatest Secret

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Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World's Greatest Secret

By Steven M. Greer

Edited by Steve Alten

Narrated by William Hughes

Published by Blackstone Publishing in 2017

English, 10 hours 17 minutes, Unabridged

Tags: nonfiction, paranormal phenomena, ufology

MP3 64 kbps, 279.31 MB, 9 file(s)

NOVA - Kidnapped By UFOs

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Carl Sagan and other scientists investigate claims that people have been visited or abducted by aliens.

Duration 55m42s
Resolution 540x360
Video format H264
Audio format AAC
Language english
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Joseph P Farrell - Are We Being Engineered (2018) [pack]

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Joseph P Farrell - Are We Being Engineered (2018) [pack] Joseph P. Farrell: Born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science". Following a paradigm of researching the relationship between alternative history and science, Farrell has followed with a stunning series of books, each conceived to stand alone, but each also conceived in a pre-arranged sequence. audio JFK & the United Putsch of America (Pt 1 & 2) - A conversation with Joseph Farrell.m4a Joseph Farrell 2017 Update Amazing Secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza.m4a JOSEPH FARRELL ANTARCTICA BOMBSHELL REVEALED ADMIRAL BYRD JFK NAZIS & ATLANTIS.m4a Joseph Farrell ET Threat Assessment.m4a Joseph Farrell Foundation of The Third Way.m4a Joseph Farrell Mathematics of Control.m4a Joseph Farrell on Nazis, UFOs, Antarctica, 911, Richard Dolan Show.m4a Joseph Farrell on Scalar Waves, Quantum Mechanics, Faster than Light, Ancient Texts, War of Gods.m4a Joseph Farrell Oxford Cultivates Strangeness.m4a Joseph Farrell Q Anon Deep State Wizard.m4a Joseph Farrell Reveals Yahweh.m4a Joseph Farrell Secret Nazi Power in the Modern World.m4a Joseph Farrell Transhumanism and Alchemy.m4a JOSEPH FARRELL UFO X-FACTOR BLACK BUDGET & SECRET SPACE NETWORK X-SERIES II.m4a JOSEPH FARRELL X SERIES VII THE ORPHIC CIRCLE PLATO MYSTERIES & THE UFO FILE.m4a Joseph Farrell, Secret Space Wars, Babylonian Banksters, Alchemy of Money, Breakaway Civilizations.m4a Joseph P Farrell & Scott D de Hart Transhumanism, October 28, 2012.m4a Joseph P Farrell 2018 The Ancient Power Grid Discovered.m4a Joseph P Farrell Advanced Technology and Secret Civilizations.m4a Joseph P Farrell Ancient History for Modern Times, 2017.m4a Joseph P Farrell Ancient Technology in Antartica, Special Earth.m4a Joseph P Farrell Ancient Worlds.m4a Joseph P Farrell and the Mandela Effect.m4a Joseph P Farrell and the Topological Metaphor.m4a Joseph P Farrell Are We Being Engineered.m4a Joseph P Farrell Atlantis in Antarctica, How Plausible, 2017.m4a Joseph P Farrell Breakaway Civilizations, Secret Technology.m4a Joseph P Farrell Change History, Secret Technology, Black Sun 2017.m4a Joseph P Farrell Did the Elite Ever Really Give Up Power.m4a Joseph P Farrell Explains the Hutchinson Effect Phenomena.m4a Joseph P Farrell Explains the Norway Spiral Technology.m4a Joseph P Farrell Giants and Hidden History Special 2017.m4a Joseph P Farrell Giza Pyramid Ancient Weapon.m4a Joseph P Farrell Grimerica Talks #270 Antartica Fusion, NASA Nazis, and the Deep State.m4a Joseph P Farrell Hidden 911 Operation [Interesting Times].m4a Joseph P Farrell Higherside Chats August 14 2018 Cosmic War in Humanity's Past.m4a Joseph P Farrell Higherside Chats August 15 2018 Off the Books Physics.m4a Joseph P Farrell Higherside Chats August 18 2018 Understanding the New World Order Today.m4a Joseph P Farrell Historical and Cultural Analysis of the Breakaway Civilization, 2017.m4a Joseph P Farrell How the Secret Space Program Really Works.m4a Joseph P Farrell Interplanetary Warfare & Mesopotamian Mythology.m4a Joseph P Farrell Interplanetary Warfare & Sumerian Evidence.m4a Joseph P Farrell JFK Reloaded, The Spider & The Deep State (Pt 1 & 2).m4a Joseph P Farrell Mathematics of Control.m4a Joseph P Farrell Mind-Blowing Interview, Cosmic Wars, Interplanetary Breakaway Elites & Off Planet Origins.m4a Joseph P Farrell Never Say Never Never SAY ALWAYS!.m4a Joseph P Farrell on Ancient Secrets of Enoch DLTV.m4a Joseph P Farrell on Scalar Waves, Quantum Mechanics, Faster than Light, Ancient Texts, War of Gods.m4a Joseph P Farrell Secrets of the Unified Field, The Philadelphia Experiment.m4a Joseph P Farrell The Cabals Forbidden Knowledge, Nazi Breakaway Group & the Elites Hidden Influence on Humanity.m4a Joseph P Farrell The Conspiracy Farm Ep 49.m4a Joseph P Farrell The Deep State, Age-Old Struggle Between the Globalists and the Nation State.m4a Joseph P Farrell The Higherside Chats Cosmic War in Humanity's Past.m4a Joseph P Farrell The Most Secret Structures Beneath.m4a Joseph P Farrell The Philosophers' Stone [Part 1].m4a Joseph P Farrell The Philosophers' Stone [Part 2].m4a Joseph P Farrell The Philosophers' Stone [Part 3].m4a Joseph P Farrell The Philosophers' Stone [Part 4].m4a Joseph P Farrell The Rudolf Hess Mess, Nazi Secrets & Antarctica.m4a Joseph P Farrell Thrice Great Hermetica and the Janus Age (part 1).m4a Joseph P Farrell Thrice Great Hermetica and the Janus Age (Part 2).m4a Joseph P Farrell Transhumanism, A Grimoire.m4a Joseph P Farrell vs Jim Marrs WWII, What Really Happened .m4a Joseph P Farrell What are Crop Circles The Byte Show.m4a Joseph P Farrell Why an Ancient Cosmic War Revolved around EARTH.m4a OSOM Joseph P Farrell 911 6 6 16 (1 7).m4a OSOM Joseph P Farrell 911 6 6 16 (2 7).m4a OSOM Joseph P Farrell 911 6 6 16 (3 7).m4a OSOM Joseph P Farrell 911 6 6 16 (4 7).m4a OSOM Joseph P Farrell 911 6 6 16 (5 7).m4a OSOM Joseph P Farrell 911 6 6 16 (6 7).m4a OSOM Joseph P Farrell 911 6 6 16 (7 7).m4a The Hidden Patterns of Creation (Pt 1 & 2) - A conversation with Joseph Farrell.m4a Transhumanism, Joseph P Farrell & Scott de Hart, The Byte Show.m4a ebooks Christopher Dunn - The Giza Power Plant, Technologies of Ancient Egypt (1998).pdf Farrell Joseph P - The Giza Death Star (2001).pdf Farrell Joseph P - The Giza Death Star Destroyed, The Ancient War for Future Science.pdf videos Cosmic War Pt 1 Joseph P Farrell 2015.mp4 I. A Look Back: San Mateo 2014: The Post-War Mega-Manhattan Project on Steroids II. The Historical Context (where we talk about lots of artillery). III. The Mythological Context (where we talk about lots of psychopathy) IV. Implications for the National Security-Breakaway Civilization/Secret Space Program complex (where we talk about lots of paranoia). Cosmic War Pt 2 Joseph P Farrell 2015.mp4 I. UFO Interference and Interdiction of Human Economic Infrastructure II. An All-Too-Brief Look at QE(“Quantitative Easing”), Missing Money, Mutilations and Other Mysteries Suggesting Tribute or Tithe III. A Disturbing Scenario. tags: Antarctica, Nazis, transhumanism, cosmic war, physics, NWO, ancient history, WTC, aliens

Secrets That Are Erased from History (2018) [pack]

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Secrets That Are Erased from History (2018) [pack] videos: Astonishing Ancient Discoveries That Were Definitely NOT Made With Bronze Tools.mp4 The mainstream historians view is that the incredible ancient constructions were somehow made with copper and bronze tools, but how could they cut granite? Others, however, have suggested that it was done with more advanced equipment that is yet to be discovered. What could explain the deep cuts in solid basalt near the base of the Great Pyramid? Cuts that could only be made using the equivalent of angle grinders? Drill holes that look like they were made with power tools? Peru, Egypt and other sites of early history and looks again at their cities. Is it possible that the huge stones in their fortresses and walls could have been fashioned using primitive bronze blades softer than the stones? Incredible Ancient Megalithic Constructions That Show Signs of Modern Day Tools.mp4 Takes us to the mysterious ruins around the world in search of ancient technology and the secrets of megalith building. The evidence seems to support the idea that they were actually constructed by a far older culture. Demonstrates that the use of “keystone cuts” with metal clamps poured into them to secure megalithic construction was an advanced technology used all over the world, from the Andes to Egypt, Greece and Southeast Asia. He maintains that only power tools could have made the intricate articulation and drill holes found in extremely hard granite and basalt blocks in Bolivia and Peru, and that the megalith builders had to have had advanced methods for moving and stacking gigantic blocks of stone, some weighing over 100 tons. Khmer Empire - Secrets That Are Erased From History Documentary.mp4 The history we know of the Khmer Empire is not the real history of the region. These people know of the great ancient civilization that came before them, even keeping written records. This empire was just one branch of the Atlanteans, this is evident in the magnificent temples and buildings in Cambodia. Ankor Wat, is one just example, the local people knew of this place, it was no surprised to them when it was discovered. This is a must watch documentary for anyone interesting in the advanced civilization that once ruled the world and how history can be hidden by the record keepers. Linda Moulton Howe Warnings and Revelations Something Very Strange is Happening.mp4 Linda Moulton Howe opens up her Real X-Files of warnings and revelations coming from government whistleblowers and people in the human abduction syndrome, about friendly and unfriendly agendas of non-human intelligences from the ancient past to the present day. Theologian Ray Boeche, Th.D., who has investigated several UFO cases asked in a recent interview with her: "Are we being toyed with by extraterrestrials? Are there sinister entities somewhere out there waiting to gain entrance into our minds and hearts and souls through any means possible? Are we pawns in a cosmic chess game between the forces of light and darkness?" Linda Moulton Howe Whistleblower Discovers Grey Alien Evidence in Secret Vault.mp4 Linda Moulton Howe brilliantly explains the big picture and how we have been in contact with extraterrestrials for many years. An eyewitness goes on camera and tells us how he got into a secret vault and saw photographic evidence of UFOs and aliens. "One was a photograph of a truck with an alien body in front of it on the ground and the truck had slats. It looked to have been taken in a desert like terrain. The other alien was in the truck looking out, but you could just barely make him out because of the shadows from the slats. Photograph number two is at the hangar and you’ve got three aliens on skids that have some sort of mat on it. They are in the hangar, right near the door. You could tell it’s one of those old-styled hangars with the curved corner. You could see that. You could see the lines from the top of the hangar where the window is with those long panes. They gave off a shadow and you could see those lines going down on the ground. One alien looked pretty good." - Thomas C. Sheppard. Proof Ancient Civilizations Possessed Unique Knowledge We Still Cannot Gain Access To.mp4 What have we learned from the ancient technology. Discover the lies of modern science. Find out how these ancients used sound and resonance as tools and technology. How is sound and Magnetism connected to electricity, cone shaped tools of the past and present, and torus stones, toroidal fields, acoustic levitation, SASER beam technology, Electronic measurements in the ruins and Adam’s Calendar, sound frequencies and EM waves, ancient silicon based technology. How this impacts on our understanding of science and physics today. The particle physics agenda of the elite education system, transmutation, mud fossils and geological anomalies, Is the MATRIX real, Can we see it, Did the ancients know about it. Did they Create it? The Ancient Secret of Levitation and Antigravity Has Finally Been Solved.mp4 The whole science of gravity and anti-gravity has yet to be fully understood until now. The Ancients kept this knowledge in guarded hands but once you understand the physics of sound and vibration it all becomes clear. If we think about this it becomes obvious that acoustic levitation technology will ultimately lead to free energy, eliminating the need for most forms of energy. This technology is already known to the powers that be and tightly held by those who would go to any lengths to protect their interests.Time unlocks all mysteries. We are getting closer to re-discovering the answers to this lost science. Just imagine the possibilities when we, too, can briefly release large stones from the confines of gravity. Yep—we could literally move mountains. Travis Walton Describes EXACTLY What Happened INSIDE the UFO That Abducted Him.mp4 Travis Walton had one of the most famous and fascinating potential ET abduction experiences. It was documented in the movie Fire in the Sky. However, while the movie did portray much of the events surrounding the encounter accurately, the events onboard the spacecraft were completely fictional. What Travis really remembers is much more fascinating. Travis will be discussing how the world reacted to his experiences in the 70s and the large media attention it drew. He will discuss how the reaction has changed from then until now. He will also discuss the importance of credibility when it comes to UFO and paranormal experiences, and what he feels is the criteria for credible cases. UFO Disclosure is Coming, They Are Preparing to Tell the Truth About Aliens.mp4 How close are we from finally being told the truth about extraterrestrials engaging the planet? A collective body of proof clearly points to an extraterrestrial intelligence behind UFO-related sightings. Phenomena such as unknown craft traveling at 10,000-15,000 mph in and numerous encounters with alien-looking beings simply cannot be explained by human activity. There have been over one million written accounts over the last 25 years of direct interaction with extraterrestrials. In addition there is technology within military black programs that has been derived directly from alien technology. Steve believes the emergence of more high profile contactees (such as musicians Sammy Hagar, and Robbie Williams), as well as coverage of the topic on such TV programs as The Daily Show and Colbert Report may help drive the disclosure movement. What Mainstream Egyptologist's Dont Want You to Know About The Giza Pyramids.mp4 The three pyramids at Giza are some of the most mysterious, perplexing, and magnificent ancient structures in the world. Together they demonstrate the concept of sacred alignment, as they form a precise three dimensional map of the stars in the belt of Orion onto the ground. Their size and placement also takes into account both the visible brightness and location of the stars within Orion’s belt, as the two larger pyramids are lined up perfectly in comparison to the smaller offset pyramid of Menkuare. The "Orion Correlation Theory" claims there's a correlation between the three largest pyramids of Giza and the stars of Orion's Belt, and that this correlation was intended by the ancient builders. tags: ancient, history, megalithic, Khmer, UFO, aliens, ET, antigravity, ancient, civilizations

Archeologists Uncovering Incredible Evidence [pack]

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Archeologists Uncovering Incredible Evidence [pack] videos: Archeologist Uncovers Incredible Evidence That Columbus Did Not Discover America.mp4 As the myth of Columbus "discovering" America falls from the pedestal of established history, we are given the opportunity to discover the real story of the New World and the visitors, from both East and West, who traveled there long before 1492. Carl Lehrburger employs epigraphy, archaeology, and archaeoastronomy to reveal extensive evidence for pre-Columbian explorers in ancient America. Comprehensive documentation of the number of ancient petroglyphs, artifacts, and sites in the Americas is stunning. This work proves beyond any doubt that many cultures from around the world came to the Americas and permanently left evidence of their extensive knowledge in the rocks and people who inhabited this land. This is without doubt a fascinating exploration of the deep history of human migrations around the planet. Robert Bauval Astounding Secrets of the Great Pyramid That You Won't Find in History Books.mp4 Who built the Great Pyramid? When? How? Why? Is it just a tomb, as Egyptologists say, or something else? What else? Why such high precision of construction and astronomical alignments? Why the mysterious mathematical constants and prime numbers? Is there a secret chamber still to be found? Robert Bauval will discuss all these issues and the latest discoveries of this amazing monument in a fully illustrated lecture. But how, exactly, did the Egyptians build these things? The Great Pyramid is made of millions of precisely hewn stones weighing at least two tons each. Even with today’s cranes and other construction equipment, building a pyramid as big as that of Pharaoh Khufu would be a formidable challenge. Researchers often point to the fact that these three pyramids are in way better shape than others built centuries later (never mind the amount of work that has gone into preserving them over the past several centuries). David Wilcock What Happens Next Will Transform Life on Earth as we Know it.mp4 Join David Wilcock as we review stunning new evidence that our sun is about to release a massive burst of energy that will transform life on earth as we know it. Not everyone will experience this the same way. There may be an “interstellar rescue program” in which some people will stay with the Earth in its new configuration and others will be relocated to other worlds. Ancient prophecies, modern “revealed teachings” and extensive insider testimony all tell us that those who stay on Earth will rapidly develop breathtaking new abilities, much like the characters in superhero movies. This appears to be the fulfilment of your purpose and why you are really here – but if you don’t get it in this lifetime, you will have plenty more to figure it out. David will review ancient and modern spiritual teachings to reveal the deep, inner workings of what you need to do to prepare for Ascension. There are multiple stumbling blocks that can hold you back from reaching the goal, and they are not always obvious. Putting these teachings to practice in your own life not only prepares you for Graduation, it has immediate benefits in many other ways. Expert NASA Researcher Exposes The Most Secret Space Program in Existence.mp4 Thanks to some brilliant research the entire secret space program has been revealed, the truth is they are in possession of technology is so far advanced it is hard to comprehend. Looks into the main players in the program, the possibility of secret bases on the Moon and secret projects in space. Was Wernher von Braun involved in the Roswell crash investigation? Why did his research into highly advanced theoretical physics propulsion systems “go black” in the early 1960s? Did NASA and the Pentagon expect to find evidence of alien bases on the Moon? Has teleportation been developed from captured alien technology? Do space shuttle videos show proof of a highly advanced secret US space fleet? Does hacker Gary Mackinnon’s discovery of defense department documents identifying “non-terrestrial officers” mean that the US has secret space platforms and have these platforms been photographed by civilian observers here on Earth? Has Man Ever Set Foot on the Moon.mp4 On 20 July 1969 Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. However, some people insist that the the landings were filmed in studios here on Earth. They argue that photos of the mission aren't real, radiation from the Sun would have stopped the astronauts and NASA didn't have the ability to return a man safely from the Moon. Marcus also addresses researcher Jay Weidner's theory that Stanley Kubrick was responsible for directing fake footage of the lunar surface, and discusses the 1977 movie Capricorn One, whose plot echoes a great many elements of the story - as does a particular sequence of the James Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever. Richard Dolan Incredible Presentation Black Budgets, UFOs and Alien Disclosure.mp4 The UFO phenomenon is the most explosive secret of our time, wrapped deeply within the classified world. And yet, because we live in revolutionary times, we cannot expect that secret to last forever. Richard Dolan asks whether something can dislodge the secret–in such a way that the whole world will talk about it. He discusses how the cover-up works internationally, the likely End Game among the secret keepers, and the different ways that the end of UFO secrecy might come. Finally, Dolan discusses the US Presidential election, analyzing the positions and histories of the major Presidential candidates in relation to UFOs. This was a new lecture by Richard Dolan, developed specifically for this conference. There will be ample opportunity for attendees to ask questions and share ideas. These Aliens Exists But The Most Astounding Thing Is...They Are Identical To Us.mp4 An intriguing look into human looking Extra Terrestrial contact past and present. From the Giant Rock and the Space Brother movement, to present day Contact at Mount Shasta. As an independent investigative reporter and researcher, Paola has researched and interviewed witnesses who saw the Human Alien visitation of the 1950's. They are primarily the Giant Rock group of George Van Tassel, Howard Menger, George Adamski and Robert Short. Travelling to Italy, she investigated and added the "Friendship" or" Amicizia" case of Pescara, Italy and the 1954 contacts of Eugenio Siragusa under Mount Etna in Sicily. Her research led her to interview five Latin American contactees who are currently interacting with human looking cosmic peoples and the subsequent contact on Mount Shasta on September 21st 2014 with Ricardo Gonzalez and his group. Hear and see evidence of these fascinating and benevolent visitors to Planet Earth and go ‘back to the future’ to get to the truth about Extraterrestrial Contact! ebooks: 1840 Operations Carried Out at the Pyramids of Gizeh 1840 Operations Carried Out at the Pyramids of Gizeh vol 01 Howa.pdf 1840 Operations Carried Out at the Pyramids of Gizeh vol 02 Howa.pdf 1840 Operations Carried Out at the Pyramids of Gizeh vol 03 Howa.pdf Robert Bauval - The Message of the Sphinx.pdf Robert Bauval - The Orion Mystery.pdf tags: Columbus, America, Giza, Moon, pyramids, UFO, aliens, NASA, secret space program, disclosure

The Forbidden History You Were Never Meant to See [pack]

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The Forbidden History You Were Never Meant to See [pack] videos: An Advanced Civilization Existed Older Than Recorded Time, Stunning Archaeological Evidence (720p).mp4 Convincing evidence that seems to solve a number of mysteries regarding human history and the earliest civilizations. "The pyramid-cultures all built “Triptych” three-door temples, with the door in the middle wider and taller than the two flanking it. The abundant occurrence of the Triptych across the ancient world is not a random coincidence. The Triptych represents more than merely an architectural element; the Triptych is the chief symbol of an advanced Universal Religion that was once shared globally in Antiquity, mainly by the pyramid cultures. The discovery of the Triptych provides, for the first time, conclusive evidence that ancient cultures worldwide shared the same spiritual beliefs. It also indicates that these cultures did not evolve independently, but were probably descended from the same more remote parent source. Researcher Discovers Incredible Ancient Secret Hidden for Thousands of Years (720p).mp4 These ancient secrets were kept alive in what modern scholars call the ancient “Mystery Schools.” Held in the highest secrecy and reverence, the teachings of the Mystery Schools were said to contain the secrets of the universe and the keys to great and magical practices. Members of the Mystery Schools were endowed with extraordinary insight and superhuman qualities and abilities. Forefathers of modern western thought—Homer, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle—were initiates of the Mysteries, who changed history with their philosophies and advanced knowledge. With the dawn of Christianity came a period of great change. In a quest to gain authority over the masses, the Church began to root out all traces of the wisdom of the Mystery Schools. Even Plato’s famous Academy, which flourished for over 900 years from 387 BC until 529 AD, was closed down by Emperor Justinian, who claimed the Academy was Pagan. As a result, students of the Mystery Schools went into hiding. To safeguard the wisdom, they shrouded their ancient secrets in allegories and symbols and placed it all under the guardianship of various streams of “esoteric” societies, the members of which have included Galileo, Copernicus, Da Vinci, Kepler, Isaac Newton, and Napoleon. What Graham Hancock Shows Us Here Is Not in Any Book Ever Written (720p).mp4 In this workshop Graham Hancock draws on the latest scientific research, to present a new and picture of reality. Many people who have experimented with psychedelics have at one time or another had the experience of encounters with what appear to be intelligent, non-physical and non-human entities and very frequently these entities appear to communicate with us telepathically and even to teach us useful knowledge. Are these entities, which bear close and surprising similarities to modern notions of encounters with ‘aliens’ and ‘ET’s’ just figments of “our brains on drugs” mere “hallucinations” with no reality to them or is there something else, much more mysterious and much more significant going on? Ancient China The Forbidden History You Were Never Meant to See (720p).mp4 From advanced technology to ancient pyramids, there is a lot about China that has remained hidden. Just how old are they? While many can be dated to various dynasties, others are believed to be younger. It is one of the most advanced ancient civilizations in recorded history, are there signs of a much older race, perhaps the remnants of the Atlanteans after the flood? Linda Moulton Howe - Is a Magnetic Pole Shift About to Wreck Planet Earth (720p).mp4 Is Earth's magnetic pole shifting quicker than all the experts predicted? Linda Moulton Howe thinks this could this be the reason for unusual earthquake clusters and unexplained booms? Find out what's happening and what should we expect by watching this incredible presentation of the evidence. Millions of years ago, the Earth’s magnetic poles had been on the opposite sides of the planet. North was south and south was north. The discovery spoke of planetary anarchy. Scientists had no way to explain it. The question is when will the next one happen... Turns Out Mars Has More Astounding Secrets Than Anyone Imagined (720p).mp4 Was Mars once as lush and green as the Earth and teeming with life? This is an examination of the new photographic evidence that has been collected by multiple probes (over the last 20 years or so) that provide a fresh look at potentially artificial structures on Mars. The new photographic detail makes an even more compelling case for artificiality. It seems clear that highly-evolved beings did once inhabit a technologically advanced civilization on Mars. Photos taken by twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity, followed later by Curiosity, of many unmistakably mechanical-parts artifacts and clearly skeletal remnants, strewn across the Martian surface, otherwise indicative of some ancient cataclysm that undoubtedly destroyed the civilization there. Where Did the The Dogon Tribe of Mali Get This Incredible Ancient Knowledge From (720p).mp4 A convincing case for some intervening force in ancient times that left extremely important clues to their existence with the prevailing natives, knowing perhaps that someday someone would be aware of their presence. The whole text reveals striking similarities between Dogon symbols and those used in both the Egyptian and Hebrew religions, with amazing implications for the history of civilization. The material is an advance on the revelations that made Robert Temple’s The Sirius Mystery an international bestseller. To many of us, although the evidence of the Pyramids; the Sphinx and Stonehenge, among other wonders, are yet with us, still we suffer from the illusion that our scientific age is superior; many of us still ignorant of the fact that the very foundation of our knowledge had its origin and rests upon ancient knowledge and science. Controversial Ancient Discoveries in Japan Show the Survivors of Atlantis Were Present (720p).mp4 Megalithic sites of Japan have been under-researched and the origins of solar worship and the people who were sun-and-rock worshipers in Japan requires much deeper and comprehensive research, particularly, in the context of megalithic technological developments in the whole of Eurasia and MSEA. There were three worldwide super-floods in the distant past leading to migrations to Asia, South America and Europe by the remains of the Atlanteans. There is scientific and anthropological evidence for multiple Atlantean empires and the global catastrophes that destroyed them. Researcher Spends 16 Years Reverse Engineering Giza Pyramids The Results Will Astonish You (720p).mp4 This is a must-watch video for all who seek the mysterious lost knowledge which allowed humans to raise unbelievably massive stone monuments with such baffling precision and ease. Ed Nightingale began his research by using a reverse engineering technique, re-drawing and measuring what is actually constructed while comparing the Template model with multiple accurate satellite images and official survey data of the Giza plateau. What is presented is not theoretical; it is reproducible using the scientific method. This will explain why Giza’s pyramids and Sphinx were created. These ancient giant structures that have stood in brooding silence for a score of millennia may at long last discharge a “message for the planet” thanks to his brilliant work and dedication. David Wilcock Knows the Secret of What Aliens Want From Earth (720p).mp4 David explains how human ETs visited Earth and told us Ascension would be attainable in the near future, thanks to a natural cycle. Stunning new videos and documents have emerged to make the case! Beginning in the late 40s and early 50s, human ETs began a systematic campaign to contact people in many different countries around the world. How could there be humans that look like us — but were never born on Earth? The structure of DNA therefore exists throughout the Cosmos. We are a Universal and Galactic design, not a product of random mutations on Earth — and humans have independently evolved on many different worlds. In Wilcock's opinion, this is the single biggest surprise that we have in store for us when Disclosure finally does occur — and it definitely will. It is a question of when, not if — but some will refuse to believe it until it actually happens. tags: China, ancient, history, aliens, Giza, pyramids, Atlantis, Japan, Dogon, Mars


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