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30 Ton Black Sarcophagus Discovered in Alexandria Egypt (2018)

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30 Ton Black Sarcophagus Discovered in Alexandria Egypt (2018) 30-Ton Sealed Black Granite Sarcophagus Discovered in Egypt.mp4 On July 1st, 2018 it was reported that a huge, 30-ton sarcophagus was found below a building in Alexandria in Egypt. Inspection of the sarcophagus revealed that it is made of black granite, 265cm in length or 8 feet 7 inches, and 185cm in width or 6 feet. The security forces coordinated with the Engineering Department of the Armed Forces, as well as the Tourism police, to extract the sarcophagus. It is the largest granite sarcophagus ever found in Alexandria and it was found close to an alabaster stone head, which the experts are saying was a depiction of the man who owned the tomb. The sarcophagus is thought to come from the Ptolemaic era but it could potentially be far older. Interestingly, the sarcophagus is sealed so its secrets are waiting to be discovered. Ptolemy 1 |ˈtɒlɪmi| the name of all the Macedonian rulers of Egypt, a dynasty founded by Ptolemy, the close friend and general of Alexander the Great, who took charge of Egypt after the latter's death and declared himself king (Ptolemy I) in 304 bc. The dynasty ended with the death of Cleopatra in 30 bc. Macedonia |ˌmasɪˈdəʊnɪə| (also Macedon |ˈmasɪd(ə)n| ) an ancient country in SE Europe, at the northern end of the Greek peninsula. In classical times it was a kingdom which under Philip II and Alexander the Great became a world power. The region is now divided between Greece, Bulgaria, and the republic of Macedonia. comment: How very odd, a superb sarcophagus dug up in an ugly hole? But they used to tell us that mighty pyramids have to be built around these sarcophaguses, but there wasn't any pyramid above that tomb. Another one of those mainstream lies that comes crashing down. videos: 30 Ton Black Sarcophagus Discovered in Alexandria, Egypt.mp4 30-Ton Sealed Black Granite Sarcophagus Discovered in Egypt.mp4 tags: sarcophagus, Alexandria, Egypt, granite, ancient, tomb, Ptolemaic, Ptolemy, mummy
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